Exploring Iceland with the Irix 11mm f/4 – Thijs Schouten

In april 2017 I went on a trip with my wife to Iceland. Iceland is a lovely place for photographers because of the beautiful nature and mind-blowing landscapes. I normally use Canon lenses, but for this trip I decided to get the Irix 11mm Blackstone. The lens has a fantastic focal length of 11mm which is ideal for landscapes. I was really looking forward to work with this lens. Below you will find some of my captures.

Lake Kleifarvatn is just a hour driving from the Reykjavik airport. It is a big lake with hills covered with snow in the background. Because the wind was almost gone, the water was almost still creating a beautiful reflection.

Iceland is known for their waterfalls. This waterfall is called Skógafoss and is unique because you can get behind it. Since the Irix 11mm is so wide it was very easy for me to create this photo. Other photographers really had trouble to get it all in one picture since of longer focal lengths.

If you travel all the way to the south you will cross a small town called Vìk. Near this town you will find a long black beach and if you walk far enough you will find the remains of a DC-3 plane that crashed in 1973. Luckily everyone survived the crash and luckily for photographers they did not remove the plane.

Iceland is really incredible and you will find yourself traveling true all sorts of landscapes. Near Kálfafell we found this huge mountain emerging from the clouds. We already passed this place before but because it was so clouded the first time, we did not see this nice view. Now, with the clouds gone, I could create these pictures.

The Irix 11mm really makes it possible to catch a wide view in one image. I took this photo while my wife was driving (I was on the passenger seat). We crossed a bridge I really loved the clouds hanging over the rocky landscape. Since the 11mm focusses really smoothly it was easy for me to take this photo.

In conclusion: the Irix 11mm is a great lens to capture the wides landscapes in one picture. It is a musthave for landscape photographers. I will bring it along on every trip that I will make from now on!

Author: Thijs Schouten

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