Become an Irix Street Photo Ambassador!

The ultra-wide angle lens is a much more universal piece of kit than we used to believe. Apart from being a perfect tool for landscape or architecture photography, one can also succeed in reflecting a wide spectrum of people’s emotions by showing the dynamics – or revealing a different perspective – in the photo. 

That is how we see a street photograph. It’s a combination of architecture stillness combined with the dynamics of the life of an individual.

Now if you’re the one who can feel that street life motion, and is someone constantly looking for new perspectives and keen on reflecting all this with your camera, then this is the competition for you!

Become an Irix Street Photo Ambassador!

What do I have to do?

Choose three street photos from your portfolio that you’re most proud of having taken;

Get them published on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag #irixstreetphotographer, and leave them up until the 10th January 2019;

And then on January the 15th, one chosen photographer will have the opportunity to become an Irix brand Ambassador!

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