Have you ever wondered what makes a good quality, memorable photograph? Ever thought about what makes an image excellent and eye-catching? Well, it could simply be the art of good storytelling, or maybe it just happens to be that perfectly captured moment.

But whatever the scenario, whatever the situation, you have to choose a focal length that is responsive to your needs.

So maybe it’s the ideal time to discover something different.

The Irix 11mm f/4 lens allows you that opportunity to create images that’s hard to imitate with using any other lens.

Not so long ago we had to choose what we would consider to be the right focal length in order to achieve the proper results – a telephoto for portraits, a midrange-zoom for travel, or a wide-angle lens for landscapes. But we ended up locking ourselves into the mind-box of our grand ideas.

So using an unusual focal length to capture your next image may allow you to stand out from all the other photographers.

Wide-angle lenses create a unique perspective. Nearby objects look bigger than they really are, and at the same time the rest of the scene looks further away than it really is.

So why not take a different approach to using lenses?

Irix lenses are designed by photographers, so as a result they have a number of features which will make you love photography even more.

AE module

This lens communicates with the camera with an electronic module (AE) which guarantees:

Focus confirmation – your camera will recognize what is required when you properly set the focus point

Aperture control straight from the camera

Auto-exposure measurements with all cameras

• Operation of semi-automatic modes (PASM)

• All exposure parameters are saved as EXIF data

Fast f/4 aperture

The f/4 aperture makes the Irix 11mm lens one of the fastest ultra-wide lenses available on the market.

Durable construction

The internal construction of the lens is made of durable AL-MG alloy, and ensures the lens is ready for any challenge.


Sports photography

by Maciej Niechwiadowicz 


Sports photography is always challenging because the photographer needs to know how to – and be able to – freeze theaction at the precise moment; one needs to capture the emotion, the movement, and the skill of the competitor.


If you want to create that ‘I was there’ feeling for the viewer, then you should use an ultra-wide angle lens and get as close as you can to the action! (Of course, you should always remember about your safety!)





The Irix 11mm f/4 has a collection of features which will make it easy to take that ideal sports picture – to get that piece of the action.

Focus Lock Feature

After once setting the right focus point or hyper-focal distance, there is the possibility of locking the whole focusing ring by rotating the Focus Lock ring. Now you can always be sure that there will be a constant fixed setting of the correct focus.

The Infinity Click Feature

The Irix wide-angle lens ‘Infinity Click’ Feature offers incredibly easy focusing at the infinity point – just turn the focusing ring until you feel a click. There’s no need to look down at the lens which is especially useful when you want to shoot landscape features in murky light conditions or during the night.

Outstanding weather-sealing

The Irix 11mm f/4 has gaskets fitted in critical places (focus-lock and focusing rings, front element, and the rear mount), and has an internal focusing mechanism so you can rely on the lens even in the toughest of conditions.


Press photography

by Lukasz Krajewski 

If you want to document an important or crucial event you really should be prepared to have the right tools in your possession so as to make it more attractive – especially when you want to capture the movements of an animated crowd, or you want to exaggerate a special moment which may never happen again. You have to be certain that you’re ready for anything.

The Hyper-Focal scale on the lens allows you to set the proper focus area so you’re sure of the depth-of-field, which allows objects to be in sharp focus.

Hyper-focal scale

Among the markings on the lens is a hyper-focal scale. This scale allows you to easily set the “sharp” area of the image.



by Lukasz Krajewski 

Hint: Don’t be afraid to stand close to, or be near to your subject.

We know that a good photograph should always be able to tell a story, but the surroundings can sometimes be just as important as the main subject of the picture. The ultra-wide angle lens gives you the opportunity to allow the viewer absorb what’s happening in the background. And because of the perspective, the viewer should be able to imagine that they’re really in that place.

Super-wide angle without any distortions

The Irix 11mm f/4 lens has a 126° diagonal field of view without any noticeable distortions, so your pictures will look natural and unique.


We are all aware that – as a field of art – there are a considerable number of rules and standards in photography which can help us to create quality, memorable and natural photographs.

But at the end of the day, the most important thing is creativity.


Designed by Photographers.

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