Irix presents new Irix Official Photographer Ana Tudur

Ana Tudur is a photographer, retoucher and Instagrammer mostly known for her work with macro and flower photography. 

Born in Romania, she grew up surrounded by enchanting nature, dreamy fields, luxuriant hills and tall mountains, therefore to this day her inspiration comes from nature. By playing with light and colours she seeks to create moods and feelings, to evoke moments long forgotten, questions and answers otherwise disregarded.
Dreamer by nature and a visionary, she enjoys capturing the world in a way that the human eye simply cannot do it. That is
where the IRIX 150mm Macro Lens does the magic. Beautifully designed, easy to handle and to work with, the lens captures incredible details of our world. With a lovely, creamy depth of field and superb bokeh, the lens is not only suitable for macro photography but it is also fantastic for portrait photography. Follow Ana on Instagram, where she posts daily, for more photos.

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