Olivier Jarry-Lacombe- Vive la liberté !

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Long live freedom!

My name is Olivier Jarry-Lacombe. But who really am I? I am a photographer, hunter of good shots and great emotions, who is looking for new perspectives in every corner of the world.

Unlike many of my photographer friends, my beginnings with photography began relatively late. I didn’t grow up surrounded by photographers, and I acquired all my knowledge as a self-taught person. I was helped by working in the field, reading and exchanging thoughts with other people, for which I am grateful for.

            It was my interest in nature, landscapes, storms, and astronomical and meteorological phenomena, that pushed me towards photography. I bought my first SLR in 2015 and it was a breakthrough moment: I always liked to take pictures, but until then, I only owned unimpressive smartphones and compact cameras. The switch to SLR was a huge leap for me. The discovery of the art of photography was a milestone to me. For 15 years of my professional life, I was a financier, and until one beautiful morning in 2017, something changed inside of me and I decided to turn everything upside down. Traveling and photography have become the center of my life and my most cherished moments.

            This desire to always come back with new and unique photos resulted in my participation in many road trips. I toured France, Europe, the route from North Cape in the very north of Norway to Tarifa on the African coast of Spain. I went on a journey from Santorini and the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea to the east of Europe. I have covered over 100,000 kilometers in just 3 years. It was worth it. During my trips I fell in love with the northern lands. Since then, I regularly travel between Finland, Sweden and Norway to discover the most pristine corners of Europe and take a break there.

I usually take only the most necessary things with me; I don’t like to overload. Irix lenses are part of my equipment. I’ve tested them in the most difficult situations and each time they defended themselves with quality and reliability. They have never let me down. Their high-class construction and solid lenses have always been my allies. They’ve even allowed me to work in extreme conditions, such as harsh polar temperatures, with temperatures around -30 degrees Celsius, or violent storms with intense rainfall.

When traveling, I usually use the 11mm and 15mm lenses, which belong to the group of ultra wide-angle lenses. They achieve extraordinary sharpness with close-to-zero distortion, which significantly reduces editing time.

The precision of both versions of the lens – Firefly and Blackstone – is very well demonstrated by their solidity. I have often had the opportunity to appreciate this in demanding meteorological conditions such as snow, rain, and even frost.

Also, the “infinity click” function makes sharpening much easier when we have no reference point. Brilliant in its simplicity. I am proud to be an ambassador of the Irix brand, a young brand offering high quality lenses and filters that have already been recognized in the world of  photography.

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