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A simple way to get interesting images


In addition to the full text in English below, there are also downloadable DE version: Fotojagd mit Irix.pdf


              In the last post we showed you 6 ideas for taking interesting photos without leaving home ( Currently, restrictions are less severe in more and more places, thanks to which we have more opportunities for a creative approach to photography.

What’s the plan?

              The main task is to be vigilant – look around if something interesting is happening around you. Even a simple walk in the park or forest can be a great opportunity for you to “hunt” for interesting shots. While on a walk, a member of Team #Irix noticed an interesting-looking tree hollow. He was patient and waited for something to come to him. After a while, it turned out that the hollow belonged to a woodpecker.

Now  what?

              At Team Irix, we never leave without photo gear. Even for a simple walk around the local park, we take a small backpack with a camera,  lenses, and a tripod. The choice was simple – Irix 150mm f / 2.8 Macro 1: 1. The long focal length of the lens combined with excellent image sharpness is great. To photo the woodpecker, we placed a tripod between the trees and went away. Currently, most cameras available on the market have the option of triggering using a smartphone, which allowed us to distance ourselves accordingly.



              Now all you have to do is wait. You never know when the object you are going to photograph will come back. It can be in 5 minutes, or 50 minutes. But despite the passing time, you can not lose your patience, as in doing so, you might miss the moment you are waiting for.

Taking the shot

              If your camera has it, it’s worth using a silent shutter or electronic shutter – this will allow you to take several shots without alerting the animal. See for yourself what photos we took:

Solutions for the less patient

              However, if you are less patient, there are other solutions such as the Miops Camera Trigger. With this device, you can automate the moment you take a photo – when motion is detected, the trigger will do the rest. Very interesting!


At Irix, we are photographers and we want everyone – regardless of their skills or equipment – to enjoy photography. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting tropical islands full of blue lagoons, or just going for a walk with your dog to the park.

Every day is a good opportunity to create another interesting shot.

Show us your photos! Tag them #irix and @IrixLens – the best will be featured to FB / IG Stories!

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