Irix Edge 100mm Filters Summer Sale 2020

In addition to the full text in English below, there are also downloadable (.pdf) versions:
-English: Irix Edge 100mm Filters – Summer Sale – press release
-German: Irix Edge 100mm System Filters -Sommerverkauf
-Polish: Irix Edge 100mm System Filters – Letnia Promocja – informacja prasowa


Take advantage of the Summer Sale and go outdoors with Irix Edge 100mm Filters!



            Spring is here, and it’s a shame to stay inside! Thanks to Irix Edge 100mm square filters, you can easily achieve incredible results. The Irix Edge 100mm Full ND full gray filter will allow you to extend exposure time, and the Irix Edge Soft / Hard / Reverse Gradual ND gradation filters will allow you to obtain even exposure throughout the frame. The key feature of Irix Edge filters is the use of the highest quality optical glass and specially selected coatings, thanks to which the photos you take maintain high sharpness and contrast while remaining completely neutral to the color of the photo throughout the entire frame.


Don’t wait! Take advantage our Summer Sale and complete your photography backpack now with Irix Edge 100mm Square Filters.

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