Irix Edge Photography Contest Elements 2020

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Photography Contest Elements

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          The elements are some of the most spectacular phenomena in the world; the aim of photography has always been their visual representation. They include water, fire, earth and air. The phenomena of our modern world, however, are not only creations of nature, but also their interpretation, use of resources by man, and adaptation to our current society. Urban landscapes, omnipresent city lights, vessels soaring through the sky, and among them, the greatest element – mankind.

              To show the ever-changing evolution of the elements, it is necessary to use special tools that will bring out the true depth of these phenomena. Photo filters – polarizers (which neutralize reflections); UV (which protect the lens and increase contrast in high altitude conditions); gray (ND) and gradual filters (which limit the amount of light and add drama to the image) and light pollution filter (which reduce the yellow tint found in street/sodium lamps and cityscapes). These are indispensable accessories that allow us to capture the elements. Irix has a complete portfolio of high quality products ready for use. The photographer has a choice of a round or square 100mm filter system that has an unlimited spectrum of possible applications.    


For a long time, we have seen some amazing photos created with Irix and Irix Edge products. Because of this, we have decided to organize an Elements Photo Contest that will release the instinct in every creator, and its limit will only be creativity. This is not an ordinary contest, but rather a chance to raise your photography to the next level – you can win great prizes of high value in the contest – worth 500€!

🥇 1st place – Irix Edge IFH-100 Filter Holder with an adapter and a Irix Edge 100mm Filter of your choice
🥈 2nd place – Irix Edge Round Filter of your choice
🥉 3rd place – Irix Edge IFH-100 Filter Holder with an adapter of your choice


              The jury of the Elements contest will be the Irix Team, which together with Irix Brand Ambassadors, will assess the submitted works together and select the winners along with a justification for the selected winners. The results of the contest will be announced on 07.07.2020.


              What is the guiding element of your photography world? Tell us about it; express your creativity on Facebook and Instagram by using the #irixedge and #irixelements hashtags on your photos, and tag the official profile of Irix (@irixlens). Send a confirmation that you have read the rules and regulations to:; submit your entries to the contest now, and win some inspirational and useful prizes!


To be considered an applicant, submit your entries from June 04, 2020 to June 30, 2020.


The contest regulations are in the following PDF file:
Irix Edge Elements 2020 Photography Contest – Rules and Regulations


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