Go on a night out with the Irix Astrophotography set!

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Photography at night – sounds exotic right? Astronomical phenomena are predictable, meaning you can prepare for them.
The Irix Astrophotography set will allow you to capture night shots that are impossible to obtain with standard equipment.

Choosing the right equipment is key to achieving great results – what matters here is the widest angle of view, high light output, and – as many people forget – the possibility of using filters.

Irix 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone has all of the above features, including a 95mm filter thread, and also full weather and dust sealing. Communication with the camera (AE) means that the aperture is controlled electronically (semi-automatic modes are available) and the exposure data is saved in EXIF format. The lens was designed with solutions that help with astrophotography such as Infinity Click – the lens communicates with a click setting, and corrects focus to infinity – and Focus Lock, which locks the focusing ring in a specific position  (which reduces the risk of an accidental change of focus). In addition, the markings are filled with UV-reactive paint which improves their readability, especially at night.

Photo was taken with the Irix 15mm f/2.4. Autor: Sigurður William

The set includes a hard case for safe transportation and storage.

The Irix Edge Light Pollution filter will allow you to achieve a deep, dark night sky while maintaining excellent contrast and sharpness (especially needed for photographing objects in space). All this, thanks to the physical cut-off of light emitted by cities (i.e. the typical „yellowing” of the sky). With this filter, you’ll reach your lens’ full potential, and capture incredible astrophotography images.




          Meteor showers are the most popular annual phenomena – they attract millions of photographers from around the world every year because they allow any photographer to easily achieve amazing results. The nearest opportunity we’ll have this year will be on August 12th and 13th; we’ll be able to watch the Perseids (meteor shower), associated with the Swift-Tuttle comet.


          Are you interested in astrophotography?

Be sure to check out the Irix astrophotography guide (available in ENG/PL/FR/DE):




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