Irix Edge Round Filters now available in 86mm!

Irix Edge Round Filters now available in 86mm!


At Irix, we realize how important it is to be able to adapt photo equipment to the needs of creators to always achieve the best results. Regardless whether your field is photography or film – an easy-to-use, high-quality experience is needed for working in many aspects of your job. Based on our many years of experience and talking to photographers and filmmakers about equipment, we’re introducing Irix Edge Photo Filters and accessories in 86mm! Our full range of products will be available in this new standard: UV & Protector, CPL (polarizing filter), Light pollution (filter that eliminates light pollution), and ND – natural grey filters in a variety of densities (ND8, ND16, ND64, ND1000), which allow you to reduce exposure and shutter speeds depending on your creative needs.


Fully compatible with Irix Cine lenses

 Irix Cine lenses have an 86mm filter thread throughout the entire lineup. This means that 86mm Irix Edge filters are the perfect companion to filmmaking lenses. They’re also a great way to create truly cinematic effects in all conditions – all without worrying about the equipment and constraints caused by weather or harsh working conditions, making any filter for filmmaking a priceless accessory in the creative process!


Can be used with any 86mm front filter thread!

86mm Irix Edge filters are a welcome addition to the wide range of Irix Edge filters that are already available on the market. They can be used with any lens with a 86mm front filter thread. If your photography bag lacks that special tool that will open up new perspectives and possibilities – go for photo filters! The Irix offer includes a full range of products, from which everyone can choose the right model for themselves!


Irix Edge is your ticket to the amazing world of unique, picturesque photography

Irix Edge filters do not only protect the front of your lens against damage, but also stand out due to above-average optical properties as well as clever design and engineering. By using photo filters with the Irix Edge logo, you’ll achieve such incredible results that you’ll find it hard to believe you’re not in wonderland yourself.


Depending on the version, 86mm filters will be available from 65 to 135 Euros.



Retail Price

Irix Edge 86mm UV&Protector

€ 65.00

Irix Edge 86mm CPL

€ 95.00

Irix Edge 86mm Light Pollution

€ 135.00

Irix Edge 86mm ND8

€ 82.50

Irix Edge 86mm ND16

€ 82.50

Irix Edge 86mm ND64

€ 82.50

Irix Edge 86mm ND1000

€ 93.50


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