Magic of the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter!



As you well know, a bunch of little things combined makes up a good photograph.


Starting from the idea, planning the frame, choosing the right equipment, setting the correct exposure, to polishing the final shot and its post-production. Today we would like to introduce the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter, which is the easiest and fastest way to achieve stunning effects that cannot be imitated using post-processing software.

When using the high-resolution cameras, the main goal is to show every detail of the frame. For that reason, we are accustomed to using high-quality lenses that can provide excellent image quality. Considering the way that light must travel before reaching the camera sensor, it’s worth to figure out what kind of effect we want to get on our photographs. Some kinds of photography filters can manipulate the light before it reaches the sensor. One of them is a Circular Polarization filter.


So let’s start with the photograph taken without a polarizer filter:



Thanks to the dark scenery, we were able to use slower shutter speed thus we achieved the motion blur effect. We used the Irix Lens lens, which is characterized by the excellent optical performance, as a result of which we obtained outstanding sharpness.


However, let’s check what can be achieved when we use the polariser filter:



You will probably agree that the difference from the previous shot is tremendous. Discover how a multitude of small changes makes a huge difference in the whole mood of the image. The atmosphere created by using a polarization filter makes the photo immediately seem more natural and opens new horizons of photographic possibilities for people who have not used CPL filters that are truly useful accessories.



Notice that thanks to the polarization effect, which made the water surface transparent, it was possible to bring out a beautiful riverbed structure, which wasn’t visible before. The distracting reflections at the wet leaves have also been suppressed, but the water stream still retains its shine – it is bright and eye-catching.


Amazing, right? And all this was achieved in just 3 seconds using one filter!



The Irix Team is consists of photographers who push the limits of the photography equipment. Various situations and thousands of taken photographs make us know what factors are crucial when taking the image, so that we can develop even better photography equipment that everyone can use.


Irix Edge Fitters are made of the highest quality optical glass with an excellent light transmission of 99,8%.


They are covered by the multilayer, anti-reflective coatings that cut off all distractive reflections. It’s worth to mention that all of the Irix Edge filters are optimized to generate natural colour rendition without colour-cast. We applied a high-end nano-coating at top of the filter that prevents dirt and moisture from settling on the glass surface which makes filter maintenance fast and easy.

Irix Edge filters are a very valuable companion for every photography journey, which can make your photography experience more pleasing and effective. We know that photography is a kind of art of experimentation and a creative process so it’s worth trying new techniques and equipment which can potentially open up new opportunities for your next creative projects.

Follow us! It the nearest future, we’ll publish more ideas concerining effective and creative use of the Irix equipment and improvement of your photography workshop!



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