Explore the magic of medium format photography with the Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens equipped with the native mount for Fujifilm GFX cameras!

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The Irix Lens brand introduces a standard 45mm wide-angle lens with a dedicated mount that can be used with Fujifilm GFX series cameras equipped with medium format sensors.

Digital medium format is a nod to traditional analog photography and a return to the roots that defined the vividness and quality of the image captured in photos. Today, the Irix brand offers creators, who seek iconic image quality combined with mystical vividness, a tool that will allow them to realize their wildest creative visions – the Irix 45mm f / 1.4 G-mount lens. It is an innovative product because as a precursor, it paves the way for standard wide-angle lenses with low aperture, which are able to cope with medium format sensors. The maximum aperture value of f/1.4 and the sensor size of Fujifilm GFX series cameras ensure not only a shallow depth of field, but also smooth transitions between individual focus areas and a high dynamic range.


The wide f/1.4 aperture enables you to capture a clear background separation and work in low light conditions, and thanks to the excellent optical performance, which consists of high sharpness, negligible amount of chromatic aberration and great microcontrast – this lens can successfully become the most commonly used accessory that will help you create picturesque shots.





The Irix 45mm f / 1.4 GFX is a professional lens designed for FujiFilm GFX cameras. It has a high-quality construction, based on the knowledge of Irix Lens engineers gained during the design and production of full-frame lenses. The extensive experience of the R&D team, knowledge in the field of optics and the precision of lens production allowed us to achieve an impressive image resolution. It is a solid tool for the craftsman expecting reliable solutions, as well as for the creator who wants to realize the boldest artistic visions.




The lens is equipped with an aperture consisting of 9 rounded blades. It provides gentle background blur on stopping down the aperture and a circular bokeh. The impressive resolution ensures that all details of the photographed objects are captured, regardless of the subject. The lens has also an aperture ring that works smoothly.


High sharpening precision is ensured by a wide focus ring with high mechanical strength and resistance to unfavorable working conditions. Special texturing makes focusing easier. A dedicated embossing allows you to feel the position of the ring, making focusing even more precise. Above the focus ring, there is a focus lock, used also in full frame Irix lenses, which allows you to lock the lens at a specific focusing distance.


The Irix 45mm f / 1.4 GFX comes in a Dragonfly finish that combines the lightness and excellent ergonomics of the Firefly version with the durable magnesium housing used in the Blackstone series lenses. The lens has also seals located in 5 places, which protect the lens during work in difficult weather conditions.




Real creative expression is now at your fingertips with the Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens designed for Fujifilm GFX medium format cameras!



Recommended retail price: 845,00 EUR

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