The Irix 11mm f/4 lens has been with you for four years!

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Four years; forty-eight months – it’s been exactly that long since the Irix 11mm f/4 lens arrived on the market in March 2021. An iconic lens with a unique perspective, a tool that has opened up a wealth of creative possibilities for photographers and inspired them to look at their surroundings not only through the prism of an ultra-wide-angle field of view but also by creating a wider context than before – instantly!


Thousands of unique shots and places visited on different continents around the world. This unique lens has inspired not only us and our loyal customers but also well-known photographers all over the world. An ultra-wide-angle means ultra-wide opportunities to see the world from a whole new perspective. Discover 11 solid reasons for an 11mm Irix lens to find your way in photography to make your images unique!


1. The premium Blackstone version is a cornerstone that will support your ideas,
2. And these ideas, you will realize in the best optical quality.
3. Nothing can stop your creativity – this lens can withstand even the most surprising weather conditions.
4. The Firefly is lightweight and reliable, while the Blackstone is rugged enough to endure literally anything.
5. The Irix 11mm f/4 offers a field of view that others can only dream of.
6. So, with this lens, even the narrowest streets won’t be too narrow anymore!
7. It’s a breath of fresh air for your style, a clever solution that will set you free from the boring shots!
8. It stands out with a design that will make you the envy of others.
9. Creates a perspective that changes the worldview shown in your photos.
10. World has never been so big and so undiscovered – it’s up to you how you create it!
11. Unique features – time for Infinity Click! Look to infinity. It could be the beginning of your great photographic adventures, for which you will find endless other reasons of your own…




Four years, thousands of satisfied users creating picturesque frames, dozens of flattering publications, accolades and awards – one lens, two versions, eleven written reasons to use it. And every user who can expand the story of this product according to their creative fantasies. We’re proud to offer a lens that photographers around the world can use to create breathtaking shots – full of space, dynamics & drama. That’s the essence of what photography is all about -showing things differently than we see every day. Although the lens is just a tool. It can be an impulse for action, which opens not only the eyes but also the mind to discover new perspectives and expand horizons. When we take pictures, we focus on realizing our visions, translating our emotions into images to share with our audience.




Designing the Irix 11mm, we wanted to lift the limitations of your equipment and give you a focal length that will never run out of space in the frame. With dedicated versions for Canon, Nikon and Pentax full-frame cameras, excellent optical performance including low distortion, ND-gel filter slot, full communication with your camera, infinity click, focus lock, and a complete sales kit with a convenient carrying case. You’ll love this lens for it.

Our #creative11mm series inspires each other to play with perspective and fuels the search for our path in photography. With a rugged and sealed construction, this gear is both ready for adventures and guaranteed to be used in unpredictable situations. The past four years are just the foundation on which we build our brand and create an album of endlessly creative uses with you. We do this because we want you to be able to tell any story originally and enchant your audience.



However, these four years are not only about the equipment but most of all about the people. We’ve met you in many places, organized various workshops, showing you a multitude of possibilities to benefit from the potential that lies in this lens. It’s the photographers themselves who tell their stories using our product. Dozens of ideas, different concepts and applications. Find out what Irix ambassadors who use it every day say about this lens:


Riccardo Mantero

I’ve decided to use a 11mm Irix lens for my shots some years ago. I was in search for an ultra-wideangle lens for my Nikon D850, and was watching several brands. Browsing the internet, I found the 11mm on the Irix site, it was brand new, just launched on the market (or if I’m not wrong, was about to launch). I submitted my works to the Irix crew attention and they choose me as an Ambassador. What I can say? Since I received my 11mm, hardly I unmounted it from my Nikon. Anyway, there are plenty of creative use one can make of an ultra-wide lens, then sunsets or just landscape photography. Making an ultra-narrow place, look like a cathedral. Here I used the 11mm to shoot from inside this little mountain chapel. The place is really tiny, I guess 10 or less people can stand inside all together, but placing the camera on the floor and shooting in live-view and doing 2 different expositions, I captured both, inside and outside to finally mount them in a single shot. And this is how I’ve seen the Giau Pass, in Italy in a warm summer day. To end my considerations, clearly the 11m cannot be considered a “general purpose” lens, it has its own application fields, but using some creativity it’s easy to find, like me, hard to unmount it during a full day of shooting.


Niki Feijen

When shooting abandoned places, you often find yourself crammed into tiny corners trying to capture a whole room in the frame or capture that amazing split corridor. You always run out of corner. You always wish you had some extra millimeters. When I first laid my hands on the IRIX 11mm I was very surprised. It captured so much more then my old 14mm lens. I could even do a step forward out of the corner; it was THAT wide. I expected such an incredible wide lens would suffer from horrible distortion. Boy, I was wrong. The distortion was very minimal. It enables me to capture so much more in the frame and opens up the possibility to experiment with some crazy angles. Try to photograph a spiral staircase from the bottom up and see it turn into a twisted work of art. The 11mm is wonderful and it is absolutely amazing to see how IRIX managed to create such a high quality ultrawide lens with so little distortion.


Jahz Design

The 11mm was a revelation for me, it totally changed the way I create a photo. I have been using it for almost 3 years now. I separate myself more, it has become my main goal. Once in hand, it’s a tough, reliable lens that inspires confidence. For my part, I have the Blackstone version, with its metal finish. The finishes are impeccable. Getting started with a wide-angle takes patience, observation and persistence, but it is certainly the most creative goal I have ever had. This ultra-wide angle allowed me to be freer in my shots. The prospects are totally crazy. I dare to take a shot more easily. The pique is very good in the center as in the sides. The focus is extremely precise. It makes it possible to really make the difference in front of other ultra-wide angles. If I had only one goal to keep, it would be this without hesitation.


Olivier Jarry-Lacombe

As I decided to go for a month-long photo shoot in Lapland, Irix Lens gave me a copy of their new lens: the 11mm f4 Blackstone prime lens, fresh from the Irix workshops. So, I was able to put this extraordinary lens to the test for a few weeks, in difficult conditions both due to the lack of light and the inhospitable temperatures or adverse weather conditions. This goal is incredible. Its robust construction allowed me to use it in very delicate situations, in -26 degrees, in wet weather, frost or high wind, without ever encountering the slightest technical problem. Like the other lenses offered by Irix, the focus ring allows optimum adjustment, and the infinity stop is just excellent when it comes to shooting without a landmark! He saved me in a few complicated situations! The exceptional amplitude of this 11mm lens allows for “extra wide” shots, with excellent sharpness even at large apertures. For landscape lovers like me, there’s nothing like using this lens, which allows for almost panoramic shots without having to combine several photographs. It’s also unmatched indoors, allowing for wide shots despite the lack of perspective. In addition, the management of distortions is top! In short, I am delighted to give this lens a try and even tell you that it is now in my camera bag wherever I go Try it, you won’t regret!


Thank you for being with us and together with you, we can build a photographic world filled with amazing pictures. The Irix 11mm f/4 is now four years old, but that doesn’t mean “already”, it means “just”. We are constantly improving our products and working on implementing new user-friendly solutions. Be a part of the Irix story – a brand that continues to grow every day and looks as wide as the 11mm angle of a lens that celebrates its anniversary this March!


You can wait as many years as the value of the focal length is and still remember that the Irix 11mm f/4 ultra-wide-angle lens, gives you an ultra-wide spectrum of creativity!


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