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Fotopolis, one of the Polish top photography equipment review sites, had an opportunity to test our Irix 45 mm f/1.4. For the purposes of the test, they used it in combination with Canon 5D Mark IV.

Reviewers began by praising the design. They enjoyed the metal construction, which seems very solid. The rubber band around the focus ring was also acknowledged as providing a very good grip. According to Fotopolis, the Irix lens is a top-notch design and feels like a premium product.

To test our lens, the reviewer took it on a trip by the sea and tested weather sealing on the beach. He was positively surprised with how well it performed in harsh conditions. The sand was present on a lens, but after a few turns it fell off, and nothing seemed to get inside causing any issues. He believes that many other lenses, after this test, would have to be sent back for repairs. Not Irix 45mm. Our lens is manual only, but it does communicate with the camera sending both EXIF data and focus confirmation, and comes with a focus lock. The reviewer decided to try this next. He enjoyed a lot comfortable focus throw. With 160 degrees, he was able to adjust it with one wrist movement.

We pride ourselves on making lenses that will produce sharp images on any iris. Thanks to our aberration control and high-quality coating. Fotopolis decided to test that too. Reviewer test it from wide open to f/22. On each f stop, the image still provided amazing quality, with of course slightly less sharpness on 1.4 but according to Fotopolis, it still performed much better than most lenses, producing very sharp and beautiful pictures with unnoticeable chromatic aberration. Of course, while talking about sharpness, he had to additionally see what happens in out-of-focus areas. He enjoyed, what he described as “tears” shaped bokeh, which gives a very unique look to the pictures.

The Irix 45mm did very well in the distortion test. It is not noticeable and was around 0,04%. Another test involved shooting against the sun during sunset. A lot of lenses would introduce some lens flaring. The reviewer was impressed with neutrino coating, which eliminated them while they tried hard to find some issues.

Overall, Fotopolis was truly impressed with the Irix lens. They loved the focus ring, calling it one of the best they ever came across. Paired with great contrast, color reproduction, and beautiful bokeh. The reviewer recommends the lens to anyone, who isn’t afraid of manual focusing. Irix 45mm comes with mounts for Canon, Nikon, and Pentax DSLR cameras, but can also be used on Canon R, L-mount, and Nikon Z mirrorless cameras thanks to mount adapters. We are very proud of what we were able to achieve creating it and are very happy to see that even with the harsh testing that Fotopolis conducted, it still exceeded their expectations.


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