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Irix Cine lenses sale has begun. Until May 16th, if you purchase 2 lenses with Sony E-mount, you will also receive a filter!

Irix brand has not only photography filters but also cinematographers. They are built for both pros and hobbyists of film production. With their special design, they make work on the set much more convenient. Our set includes 11mm T4.3, 15mm T2.6, 45mm T1.5 and 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1. Choose a tough solution, at a great price, and upgrade your Sony camera with Irix Cine!


Why choose Cine lens?

Everything in filmmaking is about speed. Film productions are different than photography, usually, they involve many more people, high budgets, and very tight schedules and the core of the whole production is the camera. Cine lenses are designed in a way to make everything faster and more convenient on the set.


Special features will make your shoot much easier!

Our lineup of Irix Cine lenses has amazing optics, great material choices, and weather sealing. Cine lenses are also equipped with special gears, that allow for easier work with follow focus, and thanks to T-stops, when changing lenses, you will get exactly the same exposure of your shot. Our set works great together; besides T-stop, all lenses have a special coating that ensures, constant picture quality, colors, and contrast between all lenses. Thanks to the same position of gears, it allows for easy change of lenses on the set.


Innovations are the key to a better workflow.

To meet the demand, the Irix R&D team designed a new and innovative way of attaching accessories. Magnetic Mount System (MMS) allows for easy attaching of filters, thanks to magnets. It might save their shot by being able to rapidly add an ND if the clouds move!


Every Sony user will find something perfect for themselves in the Irix Cine line up!

Entry Level: Sony α series is often the first choice for filmmakers that enter into the world of filmmaking, they are reasonably priced and offer really good colors. Adding Irix lenses can help them achieve even better-quality images and a way into professional filmmaking.
Semi Pro: Second stage in Sony lineup is FX series, which is already used for bigger productions, it’s a workhorse especially for a television production. They are tough and build all-around convenience. Our lenses go well with this ideology, especially since they are built like a tank and offer weather sealing. Becoming a perfect partner for documentaries.
Pro: Sony Pro line ranges from FX series to legends like Venice. Cameras that are used on big Hollywood productions, but also in lots of commercial production. In this segment, our lenses become a good alternative to rental. Instead of trying to find an available set, you can purchase great lenses, that will produce a beautiful image, almost for the price of renting one.


Don’t wait! Buy two Sony E-mount lenses and get filter, only this week, until May 16th!

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