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Summer photography season is here! Every photographer getting ready for a trip or trying to get amazing, creative shots around them, can get a set, that will take their photos to the next level. Irix is launching a special promotion for round Irix Edge Essential Filter Set, which will be unreplaceable during summer adventures! The sets will be available between May 17 and 23rd!

So let the flourishing spring, and fast approaching summer be a stage for amazing pictures, with Irix Essential Filter Set. Every photographer dreaming of long exposure shots of waves or clouds in the sky will appreciate our ND32. Polarised CPL, will help with those reflections in the water, providing amazing contrasts and colors, at the same time, protecting your precious lens with a UV filter. Those simple accessories will be your perfect companion this summer. Round filters are easy to use, but at the same time, can bring your work to another level. You can bet on Irix Edge filters, which are the trusted choice of thousands of users!


Why filters are so important, and why you should buy Irix Essential Filter Set?



Irix Filter Set is aimed towards people who are bought, or are buying a new lens and need filters, that will make it even better! Our set contains:

UV filter – is often a forgotten but necessary accessory, that will protect your lens from dust, scratches, and cut UV light.
CPL filter – helps you achieve effects, that would be impossible to fix during editing. It’s an essential part of many outdoor shots.
Neutral Density ND32 filter – it helps keep the shutter speed low, to achieve long exposure shots during daylight.


Irix Essential Filter Set is available in diameters for the most popular lenses on the market

• UV+CPL+ND32 ø 52mm with a suggested price of 101,70 €
• UV+CPL+ND32 ø 55mm with a suggested price of 107,55 €
• UV+CPL+ND32 ø 58mm with a suggested price of 119,25 €
• UV+CPL+ND32 ø 67mm with a suggested price of 137,25 €
• UV+CPL+ND32 ø 77mm with a suggested price of 158,40 €


Don’t wait! Get Irix Essential Filter Set now, the offer lasts only until May 23rd, 2021.

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