PL and IRIX – unbreakable bond!

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Irix brand is pleased to inform you that we are launching a special promotion on PL-mount cine lenses. Between May 24th and 30th, if you purchase two lenses, you will receive a filter for free! The reliable lens is a backbone of any film production and Irix lenses, are dependable, and well built. PL-mount is a choice, of many professionals, thanks to its bond. So, build an unbreakable bond, between your camera and lens, thanks to our special sale, and bring your production to another level!


What is PL-mount, and why film pros should choose Irix Cine lenses with those mounts?

PL-mount provides stability and a solid bond with the camera. It was developed by legendary camera maker Arri. Thanks to the way, it attaches to the camera, and materials used, it’s much tougher. Movie sets can be a harsh environment, from the frigid cold, hot and dry deserts or humid jungles. Sometimes, cameras are also close to explosions, submerged in the water, or dropped from really high locations. Irix lenses are built like a tank and will sustain any conditions. The ecosystem has also its special futures, which will make your work easier. For example, Magnetic Mount System, which will allow you to attach filters in seconds, weather sealing, and light construction can help you stay portable and be ready for any adventure! The set compatibility is not only the same filter diameter or similar weight. The important part is also color reproduction, sharpness, or contrasts. Our lenses work together so well, that besides different focal lengths, you won’t notice any difference in the picture. Right now, you can choose from 11mm T4.3, 15mm T2.6, 45mm T1.5, and 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1. Build your professional set with Irix, and be ready for any situation, that film journey will throw at you!


PL-mount is a great tool for any filmmaker, no matter their experience!

For beginners, thanks to different adapters, PL-mount lenses can be attached to any system! Investing in PL-mount will help you in the future offset the cost of purchase of a professional camera since you will already have the lenses!
For semi-pros, users of cameras like Blackmagic URSA, RED, or rented Alexa from Arri, the choice of mount comes down usually to PL or EF. The first option is a much better choice since it will provide a much better connection between the camera and lens. Where EF might not be tough enough to hold the lens without any additional support, PL will be a perfect choice. The possibility to mount PL lenses in any direction is also helpful when working with for example focus puller.
For pros, PL-mount is the only option, since cameras at this level, often don’t come with another system. Since at this level, there are usually, much heavier filters or matt boxes attached to the lens, any other mount would not sustain the load. Usually, at this level, lenses are rented, but having your own, tested complete set, can be much more convenient, and end up being much cheaper.


Forget about visiting rentals, looking for a full set, being restricted by time, etc, and buy your own set of Irix Cine PL lenses! This week, if you purchase two, you will also receive a filter for free.













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