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Irix is pleased to announce a new promotion for Irix 15mm Blackstone edition!

Starting May 31st, until the 6th of June if you purchase this wide-angle lens, you will also receive IFH-100, our amazing square filter holder. This set will allow you to create stunning images, during the summer season!


Irix 15mm f/2.4 and IFH-100 is a perfect set for outdoor photography! 

During your summer adventures, you will find yourself in stunning locations, where a wide-angle lens will be necessary. The perfect solution for this situation is Irix 15mm f/2.4.  Wide-angle photography often involves changing settings to achieve HDR photos with different parts of frames exposed differently. Thanks to IFH-100 and our filters, you can achieve this easier without changes in settings. Many wide-angle lenses, has curved front glass, which prevents mounting of additional accessories, not IRIX 15mm f/2.5.


In this promotion, you can get it for an additional 0.01€.

IFH-100 is very universal, and thanks to many different step-down rings, it can be attached to almost any lens easily. Our filter lineup includes ND, soft and hard gradual or reverse gradual.

With ND you can control your shutter speed, and gradual filters allow you to control brightness in different parts of the frame.


What makes Irix 15mm a perfect lens for landscape photography? 

15mm lens on a full-frame sensor, is perfect for capturing the whole picture. From narrow picturesque streets to wide-open spaces. With Irix 15mm and 2.4 f stop, you will retain high flexibility also after sunset.

During your adventures, you might stumble on different weather, thanks to our good quality materials and weather sealing, it won’t be a problem and the lens will survive anything that mother nature will throw at it.


IFH-100 is an accessory that will change your photography experience forever!

When getting ready for this summer don’t forget to stock up on accessories that will help you get those perfect wide-angle shots without any vignetting! 



Get Irix 15mm f/2.4 Blackstone with filter holder IFH-100 and save 69,00 €!

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