Official position of Irix Team


Dear Irix Customers,

Recently, rumors related to our Irix products and Samyang, a Korean lens company, are attracting attention on the internet, so I would like to express the official position of our Irix Team.
The Irix industry-leading design team and development team prides themselves on bringing the best product for your needs. Irix products are protected by international patents in both mechanical and optical fields. Irix patents have been approved by WIPO globally including Europe, USA and China, which is an ultimate proof that our products are unique, self-developed and self-constructed.
In this regard, it is true that there was a legal dispute between Samyang and one of the Korean subcontractors of Irix products at a very early stage of our development. However, the article cited on the internet in relation to the above dispute has been written with a biased perspective by highlighting only precisely selected portions of the case. In particular, the above dispute has already ended, and all liability issues have been resolved.

Once again, Irix is providing the best products to our customers with the best design and development team in the industry, and there are no issues such as infringing the rights of third parties in this regard.
The Irix team believes in technology and the value of our products. We believe in fair competition, creation and continuous improvement to reach perfection throughout the whole process of development and production. This is the field where we would like to rival and have received confirmation that we did all right – from our customers.

Thank you.
CEO of Irix
Hubert Adamczyk




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