Introduction to Macrophotography - Webinar


Do you like to watch nature closely and look for details that are often invisible to others? Join the free webinar with great photographer Pierre Escoubas who will share with you his knowledge of macro photography in nature!

During the meeting, you will learn which settings are the best to capture the photographed object, how to consciously use the light, and what kind of lenses are the best for this field of photography.

The webinar is addressed to everyone, regardless of their skill level including beginners to the macro world. There will also be time to ask questions to Pierre, who will reveal to you his proven ways to create beautiful macro photos!



Join this webinar and learn how to take magic macro-photo of nature!



  1. What is the difference between Proxy, Macro and Ultramacrophotography
  2. How to choose a lens and achieve the desired magnification
  3. Finding subjects
  4. Paying attention to depth of field and background for the best bokeh
  5. Taming the light: reading natural light and controlling it
  6. The basics of using flash



More information

  • Date: 1/07/2021
  • Time: 6:00 PM UTC+02
  • Leader: Pierre Escoubas
  • Free participation


Pierre Escoubas

Irix Official Macro Photographer

A biologist and a research scientist, Pierre is also a passionate self-taught photographer specializing in macrophotography and expedition photography. An early passion for photography has accompanied him through his biology studies and macrophotography has become an indispensable tool to document and illustrate his research work on natural products and animal venoms. His images have been used in seminars, symposia, research reports, scientific papers and University courses.











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