150mm (Tele) Cine EN - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Irix 150mm T3.0 Tele Cine lens

  • Ultra HD 8K optical system with excellent image resolution
  • Near-zero chromatic aberration and ultra-low distortion of 0.1%
  • Weather-sealed design
  • 270-degree precision focus ring

The Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 Tele is the twin brother of the Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 Macro lens but is designed specifically to work on longer focusing distances. It is characterized primarily by a redesigned focusing mechanism – allowing for much greater precision in the range from 2 meters to infinity.

The lens combines functionality, stunning image quality, and outstanding performance in all conditions, allowing filmmakers to discover new filmmaking areas.

Canon RF, Sony E, Leica L, Canon EF, Fuji X, Arri PL, Nikon Z, and Micro 4/3.

Various mounts

The lens has 11 diaphragm blades for the extraordinary vividness of the image.

11 diaphragm blades

The lens is virtually free of geometric distortion.

Distortion close to 0%

The front of the lens is equipped with an 86mm thread for the use of additional filters.

Front filter thread 86mm

Fully sealed for all weather conditions.

Perfect sealing

Irix lens markings are engraved and filled with UV-reactive paint, meaning they are more visible in low light and up to 8 times more visible when using UV light.

Markings that are legible in any situation

The front part of the lens is equipped with a patented, magnetic mounting system - enabling quick replacement of accessories and filters.

MMS - Magnetic Mounting System

Irix Cine lenses are compatible with most focusing systems, regardless of the technology used - manual or automatic.

Standard 0.8 follow focus gears

The optical construction of Irix lenses has been designed so that the front element remains stationary during focusing. Thanks to this, dust or dirt associated with various weather conditions will not affect the functioning of the lens, and its balance will not change.

Internal focusing

The foot with 1/4'' thread allows for even more secure mounting of the lens - important when using follow focus systems. It can be mounted both on the upper and lower part of the lens.

Stabilizing foot

Lens Hood sold separately.

Additional accessories

Upgrade your kit with an Irix Matte Box IQ (sold separately) and get even better results for your shots!

Compatible with Irix Matte Box IQ

Made to work with your hardware

Are you a professional, an amateur, or maybe just a cinematography enthusiast? Excellent! Irix lenses are suited to your needs. The Irix Cine 150mm is a full-frame lens that works with 35mm, Super 35, APS-C, MFT, or Super 16 format sensors.

It is so versatile that it will match YOUR favorite equipment – so you can enjoy every second of shooting with the tools that you already love. Use the Irix Cine 150mm to work and enjoy the comfort and functionality it offers.

Available in the most popular mounts: Canon RF, Canon EF, Fuji X, Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica L, Olympus / Panasonic MFT, and Arri PL-mount, this premium cine lens is ready to go whenever you are.

Prepared for all conditions

From the burning sands of the Sahara to the frozen peaks of Antarctica, the Irix Cine 150mm is prepared not only to face any weather but also to capture the best of it. Enjoy a reliable lens design with seals placed at all key points to keep rain and dust out.

Now you can film anytime, anywhere to capture the power of nature.

A modern optical system that guarantees exceptional image quality

Creativity and passion are in your hands. Create a one-of-a-kind cinematic image that won’t be easily forgotten! Thanks to the finely tuned optical system with 12 optical elements in 9 groups (including 4 HR lenses and 3 ED lenses), your shots will be free of aberrations and distortions.

The combination of a focal length of 150mm with an 11-element rounded diaphragm provides spectacular bokeh and beautiful background painting. Thanks to the bright aperture value, you can easily achieve spectacular isolation of the subject from the background. The optical construction of the lens ensures excellent image sharpness, but with soft tones and a characteristic, subtle glow – this is what the unique, cinematic Irix look looks like.

Innovative adaptive ring

The adaptive ring is an innovative feature that you will love, whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

The ring has been designed to keep the lens body slim and user-friendly when handheld, but without any compromises when you want to use your favorite film gear. Compatibility and usability that have never been seen before!

Light and compact design

Irix 150mm T3.0 Cine meets the requirements of all filmmakers. Whether you want to build a professional setup or shoot with a stabilized lens, this lens is for you. The construction made of aluminum and magnesium alloy allows it to achieve a weight of only ~1kg (depending on the mount). Thanks to this, the lens works perfectly with gimbals, and it is also suitable for handheld shooting.

The front outer diameter of 95mm for mate-box and accessories, 86mm filter thread, and MMS – Magnetic Mount System for quick replacement of filters and covers are just a small part of the multifunctional design.

Magnetic Mount System

All Irix Cine lenses (except Irix 11mm and 21mm) have the Magnetic Mount System (MMS), which is compatible with Irix Edge MMS filters and the Irix MMS Lens Hood. Irix Edge magnetic filters have a unique, threadless design, making them extremely quick to replace.

MMS filters can be stacked on top of each other, which not only allows you to connect them freely but also saves a lot of space during storage.

All Irix Edge Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters are made of tempered optical glass (SR), which makes them extremely durable. The filter surfaces are covered with a multi-layer anti-reflective coating with a special type of NANO coating, which facilitates their cleaning.

Available types of Irix Edge MMS filters: UV, CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, and Vari ND 2-5.

A perfect fit for the movie world

Comfort on the film set is key. To make use as easy as possible, we made sure that the Irix Cine 150mm is compatible with the majority of follow focus systems, matte boxes, stabilizers, and accessories available on the market.

Moreover, it is equipped with an attachable lens support foot – to provide stabilization and reduce the strain on the camera mount when using follow-focus devices.

Irix Cine is so versatile that it will become your favorite lens no matter what the task!

Example use - Irix 150mm T3.0 Tele on Sony FX9

Example use - Irix 150mm T3.0 Tele on Sony FX9

Example use - Irix 150mm T3.0 Tele on Sony FX9

Buy your Irix 150mm Tele now!

Sensor coverage 43.3 mm (full frame)
Focal length 150 mm
Aperture range T3.0 ~ T22
Number of iris blades 11 (rounded shape)
Minimum focusing distance 0,67m (26,3”)
Focus ring Rotation angle 270°
Gear pitch 0.8 M
Number of teeth 119
Distance scale Metric or imperial
Aperture ring Rotation angle 65°
Gear pitch 0.8 M
Number of teeth 110
Viewing angle (horizontal)
Full Frame 13,7°
S-35mm 1.39x 9,6°
APS-C 1.53x
APS-C 1.62x 8,5°
MFT 2.0x
Front filter thread 86 x 1.0mm
Weather sealing 5 rubber o-rings (PL 4  rubber o-rings)
Front diameter 95 mm

laser engraved, UV reactive

Dimensions (L x D) 

(without accessories)

Canon RF 159 x 97 mm
Nikon Z 163 x 97 mm
L-mount 159 x 97 mm
Canon EF  136 x 97 mm
Sony E 161 x 97 mm
Arri PL mount 129 x 97 mm
Fuji X mount 161 x 97 mm
MFT mount 159 x 97 mm

Weight (L x D) 

(without accessories)

Canon RF 1206 g
Nikon Z 1222 g
L-mount 1202 g
Canon EF  1105 g
Sony E 1175 g
Arri PL mount 1110 g
Fuji X mount 1157 g
MFT mount 1160 g

Included accessories

Rear lens cap 1pc
Lens support foot  1/4” 1pc
Front lens cap 1pc





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"Ten filmowy look, czyli obiektywy kinowe Irix Cine - przegląd oferty (2023)"



“I really like the attention to detail that Irix puts on their lenses”
“It looks amazing on people”
“I just love how long the pull transitions are and they pull beautifully”



“The Bokeh is absolutely gorgeous, fully open, and looks great even when fully stopped down.”
“I like the flare, and in controlled environments, it showed a lot of character.”
“For 1,200 dollars, you are getting a tank of a lens. If you are shooting cinematic portraits, you are in for a treat.”


Digital Camera World

„Irix is currently producing some of the best cine lenses for amateur and professional cinematographers”
“What's particularly excellent about Irix' cine lens build quality “
“The visual characteristics of the lens are beautiful.”
“What this Irix can render is reminiscent of far more expensive cine lenses – which is impressive when you consider it costs just $1,200.”