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Macro and close-up photography is unique and draws attention to the details that we don’t notice on a daily basis. This type of photography is not just about small butterflies, insects, or eye-catching flora – it’s more than that, it’s also close-up photography that brings our focus to things that open our minds to a new perspective. 

That’s why we’ve decided to hold the Irix Close-Up Contest, which will trigger your attention to surrounding details and is limited only by your creativity. We decided, not to limit your creativity too, so you can take the contest photo with any lens and camera – from wide focal lengths to macro – you can even take a photo with your phone. There are no restrictions.

If you like macrophotography or close-up style, this is the contest for you. Among the submitted works, we will be looking for creative submissions that show close-ups of objects, animals, or people – the choice is yours. We also take into consideration the ethics of the photos you take in our contest, so keep in mind the ecosystem of insects and other creatures living in the natural environment if you decide to shoot outdoors with your camera. We’ll also disqualify all photographs that were taken using methods like drugging or freezing small creatures in our contest. We believe you can make stunning photographs without harming the environment and animals.


Most important details about Irix Close-Up Contest

Irix Close-Up Contest is held in:

  • Poland, 
  • France, 
  • Germany,
  • Spain.


How to participate in the contest?

  1. Take a close-up or macro photograph showing details that you want to show and express your creativity.
  2. Read the Rules and Regulations of the contest.
  3. Send one picture to and write a confirmation that you have read the rules and regulations write your country, as well as your name, surname, and links to your social media if you want us to tag you.

The contest runs from 06.10.2022 to 31.10.2022 until midnight. Before you enter our contest, read the terms and conditions.


What can you win in the Irix Close-Up Contest? 

  • 4x Godox MF12 K2 Kit + MF12 – Jury Awards – (value of the set €370)
  • 4x Godox MF R76 – Audience Awards (awarded in France, Poland, Germany and Spain) – (worth €191)
  • 4x -50% on the chosen product in the official Irix store – Irix Team Awards


How will we choose the winners?

Jury Awards – the jury for the Irix Close-Up Contest will be a specially formed 3-person jury consisting of ambassadors and well-known photographers, who will jointly evaluate the submitted entries and select the winners with justification. 

Audience Awards – after the jury selects the winning entries, the rest of the submissions will be divided by country, after which dealers will organize a special vote on Facebook in which Facebook users can participate. 

Irix Team Awards – from the remaining submissions, the Irix team will select entries to receive a special discount of -50% on the selected product at the official Irix store.


Meet our awesome jury:

Marit van Ekelenburg (Macro by Marit) is a photographer who has been photographing the macro world since 2017. From amateur holiday snaps with a smartphone camera to the niche of extreme macro. Marit is excellent at paying attention to the details and beauty of the macro world, that’s why we knew we needed her on our jury.

Pierre Escoubas known also as Riviera Macro is a biologist by training and a photographer by passion. Photography accompanies him during his scientific work, but his passion always draws him to the world of macro. It was clear that Pierre had to be on our jury, because we value him for his work and for his constant search for new frames in the field.

Álvaro Lamas is a photographer that you might know also as Lost In Woodlands. His talent for macrophotography was something we could witness during his enlightened mushrooms series, but Alvaro doesn’t limit himself to macrophotography only. We think Álvaro will bring a lot of interesting insight when selecting the winners, thanks to his experience and appreciation of nature.


To be considered an applicant, submit your entries from October 6, 2022, to October 31, 2022.


Submit your entries to the contest now, and win some inspirational and useful prizes. Good luck and let your creativity run free!


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