Limited White Cine Lenses - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Limited White Cine Lenses Edition

The special edition of Irix lenses has been created with filmmakers in mind, for whom not only the functionality of equipment matters but also its unique character and aesthetics. This exceptional line of products is intended for those who wish to stand out through their unique, individualistic films but also through the equipment they use – equipment that exudes style and elegance.

Limited Beauty

The Irix Cine series lenses are not only technically excellent but also enchant with their unique, limited white color, which gives them a distinctive character. Their appearance alone is an inspiration for creating films with unique aesthetics.


Special Rules

What do you gain by registering your white Irix lens?
Irix Cine lenses in limited white color
Extended 5 – years warranty package
Certificate of authenticity
Access to a unique communication channel – intended exclusively for owners of the special edition.

Register Your White Lens


Complete the form below with your details and the serial number of your white lens. Thanks to this, we will register it in our database and in return you will receive a personalized certificate entitling you to a 5-year warranty and access to a special newsletter.


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IRIX Cine Look

Cinematic lenses are crafted to deliver the essence, aiming for that elusive “special something” that sets a movie apart. Irix lenses boast their own cinematic allure, dubbed the “Irix look” With round-shaped blades and a shallow depth of field, they artfully separate your subject from the background. Their distinct bokeh outlines your subject, ensuring they pop against the background. Soft highlights and a subtle mist seamlessly blend light streaks, ensuring each frame is visually striking.

How to buy White?

Below is a link to the IRIX store and a list of selected distributors where you can order a white lens.

You may order here IRIX Store or here Distributors