Irix Cine Lens Cap - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Irix Cine Lens Cap

  • Improved design
  • Dedicated for Irix Cine lenses
Lens cap is ideally suited for Irix cine lenses.

For Irix Cine lenses

Maximum protection for your lens.

Durable construction

Allows for leaving your lens standing on the cap.

A flat-top

Better organization

New Irix lens caps were designed to fit 95 mm diameter Irix Cine lenses. This allows you to keep your lens case neat and organized. They come fitted for each lens with visible markings on top. Thanks to that solution you will know exactly what lens you are reaching for after opening the case.

A practical solution

A flat-top allows for leaving your lens standing on the cap, making it much more secure than standing them on a much more narrow bottom lens cap. Irix Lens prides itself in slick designs. This is also true for new lens caps. They are not only practical but also look good.

Full protection for your lens

A new lens cap is available in a couple of depths, allowing them to fit over wide lenses that might have glass that sticks above the lens like Irix 11mm T 4.3 and second depth that is designed for all other lenses in the set. A tight push-on design will stay secure on the lens, protecting the glass in any situation.

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Irix Cine Lens Cap



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Irix Cine Lenses

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