Irix Edge 100mm Full ND - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create

Irix Edge 100mm Full ND

  • Even light reduction throughout whole surface of the filter 
  • No colour shift, all colours remain accurate and true
  • Universal 100mm standard
  • Double-sided, multi-layered anti-reflective coatings
  • Double-sided, NANO coating


Available in following densities:

      • ND8 0.9 3Stops
      • ND32 1.5 5Stops
      • ND128 2.1 7Stops
      • ND256 2.4 8Stops
      • ND1000 3.0 10Stops
      • ND32000 4.5 15Stops
Filter Standard:
100mm wide
2mm thick

100mm Standard

Multilayer anti-reflective coatings
applied on both sides of each filter.

Anti-reflective coatings

The filter is characterized by its color neutrality, ensuring a faithful color reproduction.

Truly Color Neutral

Double-sided NANO coatings
with hydro- and oleophobic properties.

NANO coatings

The filter is protected by a practical, rigid case that guarantees adequate protection during transport and storage.

Safe transport and storage

SR filters available in ND1000, ND128, ND32, ND8 densities

Super Resistant optical glass

Standard: 100x100x2mm

Irix Edge 100mm Full ND filters are built with the most popular standard: 100x100mm and 2mm thick. Thanks to these dimensions, they are compatible with most holders and mounts available on the market.

Quality that you can trust

            Only the highest quality optical glass is used during the production of Irix Edge filters; with  99.6% light transmission. Multilayer anti-reflective coatings have been applied on both sides of each filter, which helps produce images without flaring, with excellent contrast and sharpness at the same time.

Created for Photographers, by Photographers

All Irix products are created by photographers with many years of experience. We know what conditions your equipment may be exposed to. Therefore, in order to ensure high comfort of use, we use NANO double-sided coatings with hydro- and oleophobic properties in Irix Edge filters. These coatings are responsible for maintaining the impeccable cleanliness of the glass surface – they repel water, and dirt and dust does not stick to the surface. No matter if they are exposed to rain, snow, dust, or mud – Irix Edge filters are always ready to go.

True neutral colors

True neutral colors – thanks to the use of the highest quality optical glass and specially selected coatings, Irix Edge filters remain truly color-neutral. Even when using extreme filters, such as the Irix Edge ND32000, you can still be sure that the colors in the image will remain natural throughout the entire composition.

Free your creativity

The purpose of Irix 100mm Edge Full ND filters is to reduce the light that reaches the camera’s sensor.

Irix Edge neutral gray filters will allow you to create some incredible effects that will make your photos even more stunning.

Super Resistant (SR) optical glass

This technology makes the filter extremely resistant to damage – toughened optical glass covered with special nano-coating makes the filter survive virtually anything. Available densities:

  • Irix Edge 100 SR Full ND1000 (3.0) 100x100mm
  • Irix Edge 100 SR Full ND128 (2.1) 100x100mm
  • Irix Edge 100 SR Full ND32 (1,5) 100x100mm
  • Irix Edge 100 SR Full ND8 (0,9) 100x100mm

More sizes coming soon!

Milky Smooth Waters and Skies

            By reducing the amount of light recorded by your camera, you can extend the exposure time and thus get the effect of „blurred motion”. Water, clouds, cars and other moving objects will give you a dramatic blur effect that will diversify your portfolio.

Clean Composition

            An extremely dense filter such as the Irix Edge 100mm ND32000 will allow you to take a photo without any people in it – even in the most crowded tourist destinations. Due to extreme light reduction, only fixed objects such as buildings, trees, or mountains will be registered. Any moving entity will not be registered by the camera, which will allow you to take beautiful photos without any distracting elements.

Shallow depth of field – even on the sunniest days

            Thanks to grey Irix Edge filters, you can use fast lenses such as f/1.4, f/1.8  (and even faster ones), even on a sunny day. Depending on your camera, you may notice overexposed areas in the frame when shooting with a fast lens. This means that the camera was unable to compensate for too much light. Thanks to cutting off a certain amount of light, the Irix Edge Full ND filter will allow you to shoot with a wide aperture, which will allow you to shoot with a shallow depth of field.

Proper exposure for video

Have you ever wondered how to achieve the so-called “film look“? One of the factors in creating this look is the right exposure time. It is  universally accepted that the exposure time should be twice the number of frames per second (FPS) during video recording. So when filming at 24fps, the exposure time should be set to 1/48. Grey filters will allow you to record with the correct exposure time, and changing the aperture value will help you modify the depth of field. Get cinematic movie shots with Irix Edge grey filters.

Functional Filter Case

Each Irix Edge 100mm filter comes with a functional case, properly protecting the filter during storage and transportation.

Depending on the type of Irix square filter series, you will find different cases included:

  • Classic filters – A rigid foam case with a built-in silicone protective frame. In addition, a magnetic lock has been built in to protect the filter from accidental slipping out.
  • SR series filters – Case made of rigid material reinforced with additional stitching on the frame. The case has a ribbon sewn inside for easy removal of the filter from the case. In addition, Velcro has been built in to protect the filter from accidental slipping out.

Ready for any excursion

Each Irix Edge filter is packed in a rigid case enabling its safe transport and storage.

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Filter Type

Natural, grey

ND Number/Light Reduction

ND8 0.9 3Stops

ND32 1.5 5Stops

ND128 2.1 7Stops

ND256 2.4 8Stops

ND1000 3.0 10Stops

ND32000 4.5 15Stops




2 mm

Super resistant optical glass

Selected densities only (ND8, ND32, ND128, ND1000)


Irix EDGE IFH-100 and other holders in the 100 mm standard


Anti-reflective – double-sided, multi-layered

Special coatings

NANO – double-sided, multi-layered

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