1. My lens won’t work properly with Canon R3, R6, R10 etc.

It is necessary to update the software in the lens. We can do it for free, you just need to send the lens to our authorized service center. The owner of the lens only bears the shipping costs. The time needed for updates is approximately 3 business days + shipping time. Please contact the service: service@irixlens.com

2. I would like to test the lens, how can I do it?

Please find the nearest store that allows this: https://irixlens.com/where-to-test/

3. Where can I buy the lens in my country

Please visit our list of authorized dealers: https://irixlens.com/dealers-list/

4. Can I use filters on a 21mm photo lens?

Yes, we have developed a special filter adapter for this purpose, more information here: https://irixlens.com/adapter-for-21mm-lens/

5. I would like to use filters with a 21mm cine lens

This is possible by using matteboxes from various manufacturers, Irix Cine lenses have an external mount in the 95mm standard

6. I would like to repair the lens after warranty period

Our service also carries out post-warranty repairs, please contact the service directly: service@irixlens.com

7. I would like to buy a spare part to repair the lens

Our service also sells parts, please contact the service directly: service@irixlens.com

8. Where can I find the user manual for my lens?

Each lens comes with a printed user manual, which can also be downloaded from our website: https://irixlens.com/support/

9. What thread diameter do MMS filters have?

MMS filters do not have a standard thread, they are attached via magnets located in Irix Cine lenses. They can also be used with lenses from other manufacturers after using the Irix mattebox: https://irixlens.com/matte-box-iq/

10. What are the differences between SR rectangular filters?

SR is an abbreviation for Super Resistant – filters made using this technology are much more resistant to mechanical damage

11. Why did I get a cine lens with an old cap?

Some lenses on the market may still have the old type cap included. However, you can always order a new one, flat type.

12. Who covers the cost of shipping for a warranty repair?

The shipment sent to our authorized service center as part of warranty or post-warranty repair is always at the sender’s expense. If the warranty repair is accepted, the return shipment is sent at the expense of the service center. However, if it is not a warranty repair, the service will provide information about the cost of the return shipment.

13. What is the warranty period for Irix lenses?

All Irix lenses have a manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 2 years. However, this does not exclude the possibility for the customer to exercise other product warranty rights on the local market. Please ask your local dealer for details.

14. Can magnetic filters be stacked?

Yes – MMS magnetic filters can be combined, but not more than 3 at the same time.

15. I bought a new camera. Is it possible to change the lens mount to work with the new camera?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, Irix lenses, like the vast majority of other lenses available on the market, do not have the ability to change the mount. However, sometimes you can use adapters for other systems.

16. Do Irix lenses support EXIF recording?

Yes, Irix photographic lenses have electronics that communicate with the camera and enable the recording of EXIF parameters. The exception is the Irix 45mm GFX lens and the Irix Cine series lenses.