150mm (Sony) Photo lens (EN) - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1

  • Fast f/2.8 aperture
  • 1:1 reproduction scale
  • Sony E mount
  • Stunning bokeh effect
  • Construction resistant to all weather conditions
  • Full communication of the lens with the camera (possibility of using semi-automatic modes)
  • Two aperture ring modes
  • Perfectly sharp image
  • Tripod mount included
  • Zero distortion: 0.1%

The Irix 150mm macro 1:1 lens is a powerful tool for macro photography enthusiasts. Packed with advanced technologies, this lens offers unparalleled image quality and precision, allowing you to capture the finest details with pinpoint sharpness


Dedicated mount

35mm Full Frame Works with both FF and APS-C Cameras

Full-Frame Lens

Only 0,1% of Distortion

No Distortion

True Macro 1:1 magnification ratio available at a minimum focus distance of 34cm

True Macro 1:1

Lens is equipped with 11 rounded aperture blades to offer extraordinary image quality on the entire frame

11 Aperture Blades

Fully Weather-sealed, ready for any conditions

Weather Sealed

This features “locks” the lens’ focus ring at any focus distance, eliminating accidental focus pulls

Focus Lock

You can use screw-on (77mm) and square filters with an IFH-100 filter holder

Filters compatible

Semi-automatic PASM mode, and data is recorded in EXIF

Communication with Camera

The kit includes a lens, lens hood, soft case and tripod mount with Arca Swiss shoe.
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Comes Fully-Equipped

The gateway to the world of macro photography

With a focal length of 150mm and a 1:1 magnification ratio, the lens is ideal for shooting insects, plants, jewelry, and other small objects. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the Irix 150mm macro 1:1 will let you discover the fascinating world of macro photography.

Optics that guarantee sharp photos

One of the most important elements of this lens is the high-quality optics. It is constructed with 12 lenses arranged in 9 groups, including three low-dispersion lenses that eliminate chromatic aberrations and ensure natural, beautiful colors in your photos. In addition, special anti-reflective Neutrino Coatings reduce reflections and flare, improving image contrast and sharpness. The use of 11 rounded diaphragm blades allows for a beautiful bokeh effect, minimizing diffraction.

Ready for Any Conditions

It doesn’t matter if your traversing the hot sands of the Sachara or covering the vast expanse of Antarctica – this lens will endure any challenge.

The sealing system has been designed to protect the inside of the lens from moisture, dust, and sand. The lens is equipped with an internal focusing system, meaning it does not change its physical size during focusing.

The whole body remains solid and study, and ready to operate in all conditions.

A Build You Can Trust

The Irix 150mm macro 1:1 lens is also characterized by a solid construction (Dragonfly finish version). The body is made of magnesium aluminum alloy combined with a high-quality composite. This ensures durability and resistance to weather conditions with relatively low weight. Dust and moisture resistance mean you can confidently use this lens outdoors, even in harsh atmospheric conditions.

Intelligent Lens Design

The Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 has a module that allows you to control the lens iris directly from the camera, thanks to which popular semi-automatic modes (PASM), and data recording in EXIF format are available.

The use of electronics also enables the lens to be equipped with a focus confirmation system – the camera will confirm the proper focus distance (either in the form of an icon in the viewfinder or sound), every time you set the focus correctly – it’s really easy!

Additional features

Focus Lock – allows you to lock the focusing ring in a specific position, which is extremely beneficial when you want to be sure you set the correct magnification ratio, e.g. 1: 1 while shooting.

„Click / Declick” switch – that allows you to choose between the gradual and smooth operation of the aperture ring.

Tripod clamp with foot (Arca Swiss standard) – macro photography requires extraordinary precision. We have good news for all photographers using a tripod: thanks to the tripod clamp, you can safely and securely attach your camera to the lens. Thanks to this solution, the center of gravity of the camera lens remains neutral, and the vibrations associated with focusing and operating the camera are minimized.

Focus ring – when shooting small elements, depth of field usually covers only a few millimeters or less, so it is important that sharpening is precise. The rotation angle of the focus ring on the Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 is as much as 270 degrees, guaranteeing extremely smooth and precise sharpening.

Focus ring ergonomics – after tireless testing, we have developed a material characterized by its high mechanical strength and resistance to adverse conditions. Special texturing allows for reliable and precise focusing, and  dedicated embossing allows you to feel the position of the ring, making sharpening even easier.

Compatible with filters

The Irix 150mm f/2.8 lens allows the use of classic screw-in filters (77mm) and square filters, thanks to the Irix Edge IFH-100 mount.

The use of filters in landscape photography allows you to awaken your creativity and achieve amazing effects, which makes them extremely practical.

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Image format

35mm „Full Frame”

Focal length




Magnification ratio


Field of view


Focusing range

0.345 m (1.1 ft) – ∞

Focusing type

Manual, with Focus lock system

Focus ring throw


Minimal focusing distance

34 cm

Aperture range

f/2.8 – f/32

Aperture control

Via camera or manual

Aperture shape


Optical construction

12 elements, 9 groups

Front filter thread


Camera Mount



87 x 170 mm


900 g

Additional features

Focus Lock

Weather sealing



Included accesories


Front cap

Rear cap

Lens Hood

Soft Pouch


Tripod collar with Arca Swiss foot








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"La nitidez y el contraste con cada uno de los diafragmas, hasta que aparece la difracción, son de lo mejor que he visto en un objetivo macro, mejor dicho, en cualquier objetivo del mercado. Y si atendemos a su precio, estamos locos si no es uno de nuestros candidatos para convertirse en el macro de nuestra mochila."






"Mir hat das Irix 150mm Makro 1:1 Objektiv insgesamt gut gefallen! Es bietet eine sehr gute Bildqualität, eine angenehme Haptik und macht einen sehr soliden Eindruck. Die Verarbeitung ist bis zu den Details Spitzenklasse!"


35 milimetros

"Olá gente! o que faz uma lente ser boa ? sabe aqueles equipamentos que faz todas diferença ? - Essa Lente Mudou Tudo!"


35 milimetros

Review of Irix 150mm f/2.8 Macro 1:1 Sony lens + Sony ZV-E10 + Irix Macro Rail


Digital Camera World

“With a generous 150mm focal length, premium magnesium alloy build, excellent handling characteristics and the addition of an aperture control ring with switchable click/de-click options, it looks and feels a top-quality lens.”
“We really like this Irix and think it’s great value at the price.”
“All in all, image quality is highly impressive.”