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Irix Cine Explorers set

Irix Cine Explorers set

You've Been Waiting For 65mm Cine

Irix 65mm Cine Lens

Limited White Cine Lenses Edition

Limited White Cine more ...

Made by Photographers for Photographers

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Ready to be Fast

Irix 21mm T1.5

Meet the new member of the Irix family

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Premiere IFH-100-PRO

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The fastest 45mm for medium format

Irix 45mm f/1.4 GFX

Discover the magic of polarization effect with the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter

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Irix Cine Set awarded in the Best Budget Cine Lens category!

Thanks to the great image quality and solid build quality, Irix Cine Lenses won the Best Budget Cine Lens award by Videomaker Editor’s Choice Award.

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Obiektywy fotograficzne i filmowe Irix


Irix is a brand which was created by photographers. Therefore, our aim is to expand and strengthen our photographic community which is made up of passionate, talented and open minded creators.

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“The Irix 15mm f/2.4 is a pleasure to use, thanks to its superb build qualitty, smooth focus ring & hyperfocal scale”

Photography blog

“This lens may be the ideal gift for a photographer who seems to have everything”

The Digital picture

“I was incredibly surprised at the quality of the Irix and can easily say it is an excellent lens.”


“The Irix 11mm f4 Blackstone is a lens that impresses me a whole lot.”

The Phoblographer