Irix Expedition LED Winter Hat - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Irix Expedition LED Winter Hat

  • battery: 3.7V Li-ON / 300mA
  • light source: 4 x SMD LED
  • brightness: 60 lm
  • charging time: + /- 3h
  • operating time: + /- 2h
  • three-stage regulation of light brightness: 50%, 70%, 100%
  • removable light – cap can be safely washed
  • lamp rechargeable via USB port

Ideal for winter photo expeditions

The Irix expedition winter hat is an exceptional choice to significantly increase the comfort of your work. Warm and comfortable, which is perfect for any winter expedition. The built-in light will help illuminate your path on the trail as well as shine some light on your camera when setting up shots.

If winter is not your cup of tea and you love shooting on colder mornings and evenings, the Irix expedition winter hat is the perfect choice for you!

Built-in LED light

Why carry extra flashlights, add unnecessary weight to your luggage and reduce your comfort when using them? In winter, when the days are short and working after dusk becomes an everyday occurrence, the Irix winter hat with built-in light will allow you to simply and conveniently illuminate your surroundings and equipment, and eliminate unnecessary burdens, such as on mountain photography expeditions. The light gives off a high-powered 60lm light.

The Irix Expedition winter hat has been made of breathable material, so in addition to everyday use, it will also prove useful during physical activities. It is light and soft, which makes it more pleasant to wear. Its universal cut and black color make it match any outfit, both in the city and in the mountains.

Universal design

The Irix winter hat is an ideal solution for every fan of outdoor activities. It will be indispensable on mountain trails and during jogging. On winter days, when it gets dark quickly, it is often useful to be able to illuminate the camera in order to check selected parameters. The versatility of the cut and color of the winter hat make it also suitable for everyday use. See for yourself how significantly one thing can facilitate the comfort of your work!

One of the biggest advantages of the winter hat is the possibility of detaching the lamp. This allows for easy and convenient washing of the cap, so that on each subsequent trip you will have full comfort of use. The removable lamp is charged via the USB port, so it is possible to load it via the charger, connecting to a computer or even in the open air using a powerbank. The lamp is also splash-proof, so you do not have to worry about anything, even if you get caught in the rain.

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