IFH-100-PRO Filter Holder - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

IFH-100-PRO Filter Holder

Meet the Irix Edge IFH-100-PRO, a filter holder designed by professional landscape photographers to create exceptional images. With this holder, you can use a polarizing filter together with two square filters in 100mm standard, thanks to which you can freely shape the light in the photographed scene.

  • 100mm filter system
  • Drop-in circular polarizer
  • For 2mm and 1.1mm filters

Built-in Irix Edge Circular Polarizer

We know how much you love the newest generation of the Irix Edge Super Resistance (SR) Polarizing Filters. That’s why the same filter has been adapted for use with the IFH-100-PRO. The polarizer filter has been designed to form a perfect homogeneous design with the holder, and thanks to the external knob on the side of the holder, it allows smooth and easy adjustment of the polarization effect.

You cannot achieve this in post-production: the polarization effect

Show all the beauty of the photographed scene: increase the transparency of water and glass, saturate the colour of the sky, reduce the glare on shiny surfaces or plants that show their true colours. You can achieve all this easily with the Irix Edge Circular Polarize filter!

Excellent sharpness and contrast

Thanks to the optical glass and multi-layer anti-reflective coatings applied on both sides, the Irix Edge filters deliver perfectly sharp and high-contrast images. All of the filters has also a nano-coating applied to both sides of the filter that repel moisture and dirt from the filter surface.

Truly colour neutral

Irix Edge filters are made from high-quality optical glass with 99.8% light transmission, and both filter surfaces are covered with the latest generation of an anti-reflective coating. That features ensures true colour rendition without any flares.

Made to match your needs

With the IFH-100-PRO you’ll feel a real freedom in image creation. In addition to the polarizing filter, you can use up to two 100 mm filters that extend the exposure time (full neutral density filters) or unify the exposure throughout the image (gradual filters), depending on your needs.

Safe for your filters

The IFH-100-PRO holder can be attached to the lens with a special screw-in adapter with a diameter of 52mm to 95mm (or an adapter for the Irix 15mm f/2.4). The attachment is made by a snap lock that automatically locks in place as soon as it is properly attached. This solution not only allows for quick and intuitive operation but also ensures that the mount stays in place no matter what conditions you use it in.

Two-stage locking mechanism

The security of the Irix Edge Polarizer filter in the holder is ensured by a two-stage locking mechanism. To place (or remove) the filter in the holder, release the blue screw on the back and then pull one of the filter slots (marked accordingly) to outside of the holder. This solution guarantees excellent safety and at the same time quick handling.

100mm standard in two filter options

You probably know the square filters with 100mm standard and 2mm thickness. They are the most common and many people use them successfully on their expeditions. Many people who pack their expedition backpacks are forced to put away a few filters to save weight. But not with the Irix Edge IFH-100- PRO! Thanks to two types of filter slots, you can easily and quickly adapt the holder for use with the increasingly popular 1.1 mm ultra-thin filters, which significantly reduces the weight of your equipment

European Brand

The Irix Edge brand has its roots in Europe – where they are designed, tested and improved by our research and development team using the latest measuring equipment and strict quality controls procedures. All this is done so that you can enjoy filters that you can trust in all conditions or even in the most demanding situations.

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Square Filter Holder

Filter standard

Width 100mm
Thickness 2mm or 1.1mm depending on the filters slots used


Polarizing filters and two 100mm square filters

Available adapters

  • Thread diameters from 52mm to 95mm
  • Dedicated for 15mm f/2.4 Irix lens

Compatible focal lengths

15mm full-frame (Irix 15mm f/2.4) and longer

Technologies used
  • Space Ready (SR) Standard sensitizing coating.
  • Holder material that meets the requirements of the Space
    Ready (SR) program
  • Smooth adjustment of the polarizing filter thanks to the external knob
  • Safe mounting of the polarizing filter in the holder due to the
    wing locking mechanism
  • IFH-100- PRO: 98g
  • IFH-100- PRO Holder with polarizing filter: 127g
  • Weight of the full set (with the box): 283g
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Reviews & More
Robert Goodlight

"Everything is designed to stay focus on your photography and not getting overwhelmed by complicated filter settings which for me is the most important thing. Hence, I have my needs for landscape photography covered. I can work creatively with up to 3 filters at the same time. The combination of polarizing and graduated is unbeatable and gives you endless opportunities to capture outstanding photos. I more than happy with the IFH-100-Pro. It’s a great pleasure to use."


Blog Foto24

Spanish review:
"Teniendo claro que el uso de filtros va a mejorar nuestra práctica como fotógrafos y que el uso de portafiltros va a hacer su uso mucho más cómodo, rápido y versátil, ¿por qué vamos a pagar una fortuna por unos portafiltros “pro” de otras marcas, si el Irix Edge IFH-100-PRO nos ofrece la máxima calidad de construcción, nos incluye un polarizador con una calidad óptica extraordinaria y todo por una fracción del precio?"


Dustin Abbott

"IFH-100-PRO is just really well implemented. There's lots of little details. There's not fiddly parts that can be lost like some filter system that I have used before. It's not a particularly cumbersome design as you can see it really goes down nice and compact which is going to be really really essential going out into the field."