Irix Edge Light Pollution - Irix lenses were designed with both the effort and experience, of not only engineers, but also photographers. Swiss precision and Korean innovation create Irix lenses.

Irix Edge Light Pollution

The Irix Edge Light Pollution (SE) filter is a filter designed for such conditions by being able to eliminate the yellowish colours that often dominate our pictures. With this filter, we can achieve significant colour improvement, improved overall contrast and sharpness.

Highest quality optical glass which guarantees high light transmission.

Top optical quality

Multilayer anti-reflective coatings
applied on both sides of each filter.

Anti-reflective coatings

Frame made of lightweight and durable aluminium.
irix edge filter icon aluminum frame

Special finish

The optical glass has been subjected to a special thermal treatment to increase its rigidity.

Super Endurance Series

Double-sided NANO coatings
with hydro- and oleophobic properties.
NANO coatings

NANO coatings

For nightscape photography

The Irix Edge Light Pollution (SE) is designed for nightscape photography – it eliminates the yellowish colours that often dominate our pictures. With this filter, we can achieve:

    • Significant colour improvement

A filter that guarantees the best possible colour rendering for the night

    • Improved overall contrast

The filter removes the yellowish haze present so that the whole image gains much more contrast

Super Resistant (SR) optical glass

This technology makes the filter extremely resistant to damage – toughened optical glass covered with special nano-coating makes the filter survive virtually anything. Available sizes:

  • 86mm

More sizes coming soon!

Perfect at any time

The Irix Edge Light Pollution (SE) filter comes in handy every time we want to take a photograph near to, or in, the city. For example, city landscapes, street photography, or astrophotography.

Control the colours at night

The dominating yellowish colour that can be seen in the picture – when taken at night – is the result of sodium lamp streetlighting. The Irix Edge Light Pollution filter shuts out this yellowish haze.

This type of filter can be successfully used in the city, in the urban landscape, or with photography of the night sky when we want to capture the stars, or the Milky Way, with natural colours.

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Filter Type

Light Pollution, Super Endurance (SE)


3,5 mm

Additional thread at the top of the frame:


Available sizes

67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 95mm

Antireflection coatings

both side, multi-layer

Special coatings

double side waterproof and oil repellent NANO coating
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Milkyway Photographers

"I am happy with the money I spend on this IRIX Edge Light Pollution filter"


The Phoblographer

" - Exceptional image quality"
" - No more yellow hues to worry about"
" - Wonderful build quality"
" - Incredibly easy to use"



" - High image quality"
" - 95mm is perfect for the Irix 15mm"
" - Works with a wide-angle lens"
" - Thin profile"


Dustin Abbott

"They are well made, optically excellent, and extremely competitively priced"


Dustin Abbott

"If you're looking for reasonably priced good quality filters I see no reason to not encourage you to take a look at the Irix Edge filters"