Irix: the closest yet to a Premium lens

If you were thinking of buying an Irix 11mm & 15mm lens Blackstone version between 22 January and 10 February 2018, then there’s a great opportunity to do so! We have a fantastic special offer at the end of this month which allows you to get hold of a Blackstone with a 15% reduction in price!

It means that you can get our luxurious version for a similar price to a Firefly lens. Blackstone, in turn, gives you a number of useful options:

• Aluminium internal construction and magnesium housing with anti-scratch finish, thanks to which you can be sure that your equipment won’t let you down even in the most extreme conditions

• High class engraved markings covered with UV light reactive paint, which allows you to use the lens precisely even during your night expeditions and adventures

• Essential dust and moisture protection which guarantees that any small specks of dust or particles will NOT appear on the image Blackstone lens is equipped with the convenient hard-case version which cares about lens safety.

Your Blackstone is waiting for you!

* Special offer is available at Irix store & selected shops. Full list of our dealers you can check at:

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