Irix team at XI convention for readers of the

The XI convention for readers of the portal has come to an end – thank you all for attending, and thank you to all those many arrivals and the wonderful warm welcome!
The Bishop’s Castle in Janów Podlaski offers beautiful views of eastern Poland. With its majestic dawn and magisterial dusk, this allows an unprecedented opportunity for participants to take stunning photographs using a wide range of equipment.
Thanks to the convention, it is possible to rent and test out any kind of equipment during its time so that you can formulate your own opinions. Now we have to admit that interest in #Irix lenses and #IrixEdge filters has outgrown our expectations, with the result that we ended up with some waiting lists! While on the one hand this makes us happy, knowing our kit is in demand – this has ensured that we will try to take even more equipment for you next time!
The next opportunity to meet us will be at photokina. So be sure to follow us on Social Media – it will be happening!

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