Jump into the world of new perspective in reportage photography with wide angle lens

Lukasz Krajewski – young photographer from Poland specialised in reportage photography. During his career used to cooperate with Gazeta Wyborcza, Getty Images Poland and many media agencies. Lukasz took part at Climate Change Conference Katowice, World Youth Day, Economic Forum in Krynica and many other. 

How would you describe your photography? What are you a specialist in?

Mostly I’d say it’s around the person I regularly try to photograph: their behaviour, everyday life and what they leave behind. I try not to interfere in what I see, but only to be a casual observer. That’s why, in general, I decided to become a reportage and press photographer.

How has an ultra-wide angle lens enriched your photography?

An ultra-wide lens such as the Irix helps me to be even closer to the action which is taking place. It’s able to include so much more from the environment due to its wide field of view. It makes things even easier when we’re in a small space, and we don’t want to limit ourselves in registering only what we see, which means we want to show as much as possible even when we are faced with a lack of space. I must say that it’s such a huge help for those who work in reportage and press!

Lots of people seem afraid to take photographs with these kinds of lenses. What would you say to convince them to give them a try?

You should just try them, and get used to them! It’s true because at the beginning you should work on them a little. But after a while you’ll see that this lens can help you a lot. What’s more, the quality of photographs and the quality of performance of the Irix lenses I use (I have both, but my primary lens is the Irix 11mm f/4.0 which just gives mind-blowing effects in the photography) is often far more and ahead of many other lenses.

The lens itself teaches you a completely new outlook. It isn’t easy to start with, but over time it becomes a pleasure and then develops into a wonderful adventure.

Give us three main short tips for using the wide-angle Irix lens in reportage.

1. Change your approach.

2. Get closer.

3. Think differently.

I think that, with these three basic rules, life should be much easier. All the fun starts just after you press the shutter button.


Which is your favourite Irix feature?

In the case of reportage and press photography, above all, the equipment must be durable (and that is why I’ve chosen the Irix Blackstone version for both). And here we get a durable lens which takes stunning pictures of great quality and not just talking about the increased possibilities, for example, being in small spaces where, thanks to the range, we don’t lose the main subject to register the whole scene.

Do you have any dream projects where you can make use of wide angle lenses? If yes, which one? How would you shoot it?

I would like to go back to a subject I once did in reportage, something I don’t think I’ve exhausted just yet. It’s parkour – that is, training disciplines using movement – that’s widely understood, people practicing it, their lifestyle, training, etc.

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