Irix presents new Ambassador - Kaori Hoshimoto

My name is Kaori Hoshimoto.

My photographic journey started five years ago when I wanted to reflect the beauty of the flowers all around, but my smartphone wasn’t enough. That is how I bought my first DSLR camera, and start to develop my new passion – photography.

Although I mainly work on Instagram and take macro photographs of flowers, my landscape and street photography pictures can also be found in newspapers, and in official profiles of Gotemba city, Japan.

I was glad to receive the new Irix 150mm macro lens for testing, and this is what I think.

What I love the most is the bokeh which is creamy, yet transparent and very beautiful. Its long focal length and fast aperture creates amazing subject separation, so you’re able to manipulate the foreground and background to achieve the best possible results.

The long minimal focus distance of 34cm makes it not only comfortable as regards working space, but also having the ability for objects in front of the lens to achieve a lovely foreground bokeh, while at the same the object itself can stay very clear and sharp.

I also like the manual focus ring, which is big enough to hold comfortably in my hand and is smooth while using it. Therefore, when focusing, it allows very high precision.

What’s more, you won’t find any chromatic aberration or distortion. The quality of the picture is high, and equally sharp wherever in the frame.

Although there is no AF, I do wonder whether that is not a problem for those who are taking macro pictures.

It has a weight of 840g, so it may be a bit heavy for women as regards hand-held shooting, but it comes with a removable tripod that is compatible with Arca-Swiss, so you can attach it to a tripod if it is heavy. I’ve had no problems with hand-held shooting so far.




「Irixlens150mm 最初の印象」









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