3 tricks to unleash the potential of your Irix 11mm f/4.0 lens

The Irix 11mm f/4
3 tricks to unleash the potential of your lens


When you’re thinking about your next lens, the safe choices (and probably the first ones) are standard focal lengths. The 50mm focal length with a similar to our eyes field of view, semi-telephoto lenses with compressed perspective, standard walk-around lenses like 28mm or 35mm. Pretty much everybody has them so what could you to stand out of the crowd?

Discover the Irix 11mm f/4 lens!

As you already know, the Irix 11mm f/4.0 is an extraordinary lens so think about the unique perspective and new possibilities for your next creative projects!


Come close, REALLY close

Normally when you shoot with standard focal lengths you need some space between you and the subject.

Forget about that with an ultra-wide angle lens!

Because of a long perspective with this type of lens you can shot really close to your subject – it’ll add some drama to your image. With this technique, the first plan will be exposed and the second one and the background will be pushed further away. You should try it out by yourself!

@Isabella Tabacchi

Open up small spaces

Small spaces are small – it’s obvious. The widest lenses are salvation for real estate developers and tourism industry: with those type of lenses the small spaces look much bigger. Because of the focal length, the Irix 11mm f/4 gives you a not only extremely wide angle of view (126 degrees) but also a long perspective in 2 dimensions. What does it mean? The image you take will be “stretch up” in width and depth.

@Paweł Ulatowski

You can use the same technique when you shoot outdoors like during the hike or travel. I’m sure that you have seen a lot of pictures with the “first-person perspective” taken near the sea, in the mountains or inside of the retro-VANs. All of them was shot with an ultra-wide lens. So keep travel and save what you saw in your next picture!


@Kuba Witos


Find them and use them – the leading lines

One of the fundamental rules of photography is using composition rules. They’re made to give the picture harmony and natural look. The leading lines are especially important when lens like the Irix 11mm f/4 lens because of the ultra-wide  field of view – you should fill the entire frame with something eye-catching!
The leading lines are particularly everywhere: the desk in your office, the crowd on the streets, mountain peaks or fences on the plateau. Just open up your eyes and find them. Once you find something interesting you can compose your shot in vertical, horizontal or even diagonal way. Think out of the box and try to compose with the golden ratio, sometimes called the Fibonacci spiral. The whole idea is based on the 1:1,618 aspect ratio – it means that one piece of composition is 1.618 times the size of the other object so the pair of them will be pleasing to the eye.
Remember – the human brain always wants to organize what the eyes see and the composition rules make the whole process easier. Just take the Irix 11mm f/4 lens, compose consciously and ambitious and you will be surprised by the stunning effects of your work!

@Paweł Klarecki

Just keep shooting!

Remember: the photography is not only about taking pictures – is the whole process! The picture is only the final step in this experience.

The lens is an important part of the photography experience so it should correspond to your needs. All of the Irix lenses are made by the photographers for the photographers that’s why they have a lot of unique features like “Click at infinity”, “Focus Lock” mechanism or rear gel filter slot.

Enjoy the photography

The Irix 11mm f/4 lens


@Vadim Sherbakov

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