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The elements are some of the most spectacular phenomena in the world; the aim of photography has always been to represent them visually. They include water, fire, earth, and air. The phenomena of our modern planet are, however, not only the creations of nature, but also the use and adaptation of resources by mankind in our current civilization.

#Irix Community

The Irix community did not disappoint! We are pleased to inform you that there were almost 1,000 entries in total. The Irix Team reviewed and evaluated each one, which left us with 30 of the best selected works. These works were then further evaluated by Irix Ambassadors. We were surprised at how creatively and colorfully you interpreted the elements!

For us, it’s truely a success that we’ve managed to create a community of people for whom photography is important. Professionally, as amateurs, or as a hobby – beautiful photos count, as well as the process of capturing them. That’s why we treat all Irix products very personally – we design them ourselves so that we too get the most out of using them.

Most of the Irix team are active photographers – we meet, travel, talk, and exchange experiences. Thanks to this, all our products meet the direct needs of photographers. We are systematically developing a range of photo and cine lenses. While offering products with modern solutions, we also value the traditional approach to photography. Photos should be as great as possible the moment they are taken. That’s why the Irix Edge line of filters is so important to us.


Irix Edge utilizes the highest quality filters – optical glass, multi-layer anti-reflective coatings, and a dedicated NANO anti-dirt coating. These features are crucial for any photographer who wants to achieve the best results. Regarding the Elements contest, we could see several situations where having a filter was crucial. The Irix Edge UV & Protector filter would allow you to secure the lens in event and adventure photography. Full gray filters such as Irix Edge Full-ND and Irix Edge 100mm Gradual filters allow you to bring out beautiful skies from every inch of a landscape. Many entries presented photos of the night sky in which the Irix Edge Light Pollution filter would achieve true colors and rich contrast in the night sky.

At Irix, we try to take advantage of any shooting opportunity – sometimes a second chance may not happen again. Choosing the right filter allows you to see the effect right away and in the moment (through the viewfinder). We need to be sure that the photo we take is the best it can be. No compromises.

We proudly present the winners of the Irix Edge Elements contest:


1st Place

The Colorful Festival

Shibasish Saha IG: @shibasish.saha92


JAHZ: Extremely original, the composition and color are the strong point of this photo. The atmosphere is very present, it was taken at the right time, that’s what makes it unique.





Sebastian Tontsch: Very nice frame filling abstracts in a single color style, beautiful work, not easy to create as you need those scenes, can’t be staged easily.





Niki Feijen: This is just an incredible shot. Would not look bad as a National Geographic cover. At first glance you think: What am I looking at? Then you see all the people covered in red dye. Just a unique shot with a high photojournalism value.





Bleron Çaka: The face of the subject in this photo makes it so powerful, while balancing the picture with a perfect composition. Also the people covered in color celebrating the occasion makes the photo even more artistic.





NGO Duc: This is a picture with beautiful monochrome red. Everything is following a certain diagonal rule and the main point is that the man is facing the photographer. The author has cleverly arranged the golden ratio and the dark and light arrays create contrast for the image.




Great atmosphere and composition for this shot, the strong red colors make it more interesting capturing the curiosity of the observer. The deatil I love the most, is the people reading.






This impressive photo first seduces with its red monochromatism, just like if these humans were models made with the same materials. These individuals seem devoid of their own identity. They no longer have personality, singularity, they form a whole body. What gives an even more spectacular dimension is that one of the men returned, and we can read in his eyes an expression on the contrary very singular, a kind of worry, a cry for help as if he wanted to get out of this scene, over there, towards a place he fixes outside the image. This image questions us about the loss of individuality that invades us during these big popular festivals.

/FR/ Cette impressionnante photo séduit d’abord par son monochromatisme rouge, un peu comme ces humains était des maquettes fabriquée avec le même matériaux. Ces individus semble dénués de toute identité propre. Ils n’ont plus de personnalité, de singularité, ils forment un corps tout entier. Ce qui donne une dimension encore plus spectaculaire, c’est que l’un des hommes est retourné, et on peut lire dans son regard une expression au contraire très personnelle, une sorte d’inquiétude, un appel au secours comme s’il voulait sortir de cette scène, là-bas, vers un lieu qu’il fixe en dehors de l’image. Cette image nous interroge sur la perte d’individualité qui nous envahi lors de ces grandes fêtes populaire.


A vibrant monochromatic color make eye travel freely on the image and help stop the main subjects that is looking away form everyone. A great image.






Very strong display of color; powerful composition which strongly emphasizes the figure of a man looking at a nearby photographer. 2 sheets of paper that are in the frame show the state of thought of the moment when the photo was taken.

/PL/ Bardzo silny przekaz kolorystyczny, dobra i silna kompozycja co mocno podkreśla postać w mocnym punkcie mężczyzny patrzącego nieopodal fotografa. 2 Kartki papieru które są zawarte w kadrze pokazują stan zamyślenia i chwili podczas wykonania zdjęcia.






2nd Place

The Magic of Long Exposure Photography in Dolomites

Piotr Lisowski IG: @fotonmatic



Niki Feijen: Look at that light, Just WOW. What a great image. I don’t know if the photographer was lucky or that it was planned but the result is just as amazing. I love the light hitting the top of the peak.





JAHZ: This photo is incredible, all the elements are there to make a very good photo. I really like the treatment and its composition. The photographers give a sense of scale and make the photo even more breathtaking.





Bleron Çaka: The view in the photo is very dynamic. I can see a ray of light there in the midst of the fog that leads the way for the hikers aiming for the mountain.





Ngo Duc: I admire the distance the photographer went to take this photo. Everything is well arranged by the author. The way the author created it made it feel so soft which creates a beautiful deamy look.




Absolutely great and fabulous light for this shot, the people let understand the size of the scene. Absolutely stunning and great Idea to long expose that.






The power of these rocky peaks is highlighted by the scale of the characters at the bottom of the image, who seem particularly vulnerable in this fiery landscape. The richness of the twilight lights brings a dramatic dimension, between the yellow of the sunset and the blue of the sky lights. You would almost expect to see a dragon coming out from behind the mountain. And this mysterious stone circle appears to me as an attempt to dialogue between men and these supernatural forces of the mountains.

/FR/ La puissance de ces pics rocheux sont mis en valeur par le rapport d’échelle des personnage en bas de l’image, qui semblent particulièrement vulnérables dans ce paysage de feu. La richesse des lumières du crépuscule apporte une dimension dramatique, entre le jaune du coucher de soleil et le bleu des lumières du ciel. On s’attendrait presque à voir un dragon sortir derrière la montagne. Et ce cercle de pierre, mystérieux, m’apparait comme une tentative de dialogue en les hommes et ces forces surnaturelles de la montagnes.


Beautiful and unique condition with golden colors bright up the mountains and make location even more majestic and magical. The group of people help us to see the scale of that place.






Beautiful lighting and atmospheric conditions only intensifies the message of the photo, which shows the energy and power the mountains have over humans. Good composition and framing that directs your attention to the centre, making you curious as to where these people are going. Good story.

/PL/ Przepiękne warunki i światło sprawiło, że tylko potęguje przekaz zdjęcia, który ukazuje energię i potęgę gór nad człowiekiem. Dobra kompozycja i kadr prowadzący do środka, aż chciało by sie powiedzieć, dokąd zmierzają Ci ludzie. Dobra historia.





3rd Place

Pattern Of Eid

Saurabh Sirohiya IG: @saurabh_sirohiya_photography



Niki Feijen: For me this is another National Geographic worthy shot. Hundreds of people in line for prayer. Mostly in white with a few exceptions. Powerful photojournalism here. Shot from the back gives a nice touch of anonymity to the people. I think I personally would have framed it as a square so the bottom left part falls off.




JAHZ: It is a very nice photo in black and white, I find it very similar to graphic design. In my opinion, he deserves the place in top 3 in this first IRIX Edge Elements competition.





Bleron Çaka: These kinds of photos showing people take part in homogeneous gatherings of any religion are always remarkable. The main characteristic of this photo is the angle used to capture it and also the its contrast. It looks like an abstract texture.




Ngo Duc: I think this photo was taken with a drone, which makes it have a unique angle. The picture reminds me of piano keys. Lined up, organized, and consisting of repeated elements. Great composition.





I think this photo is unique due to the technique and the subject, the photo, thanks to the B&W, seems taken in a past age, I like the patterns and the composition.






At first glance, this photo appears like a fabric, a mesh which in reality is made up of human beings. This assembly of priors consists of diagonals speckled with small white dots that correspond to the kufis. The black and white contrasts this weaving. But then, we realize that these people are very numerous to celebrate Eid and this image questions us, and can disturb, about the power of this religion which can be both magnificent humanism, and terrifying in his fanatic drift. A double-reading photo, both graphic and also dealing with a sensitive topical subject.

/FR/ Au premier abord, cette photo apparait comme un tissu, une maillage qui en réalité est composé d’être humains. Cette assemblée de prieurs compose des diagonales parsemées de petit point blancs qui correspondent aux kufis. Le noir et blanc permet de contraster ce tissage. Mais ensuite, on réalise que ces gens sont en très grand nombre pour fêter l’Aïd (Eid) et cette image nous interroge, et peut déranger, sur la puissance de cette religion qui peut être à la fois magnifique d’humanisme, et terrifiante dans sa dérive fanatique. Un photo à double lecture, à la fois graphique, et aussi traitant d’un sujet d’actualité sensible.


A black and white treatment, the reparative patterns and the angle of the grounds raws makes this image unique and mesmerising. The darker coloured people that breaks the pattern also add to the overall structure of the image.






Harmony, a converging perspective, and minimalism. That’s how I describe this photo. Meditation and religion are the strongest messages of this photo.

/PL/ Harmonia, zbieżna perspektywa i minimalizm. Tak w skrócie można opisać to zdjęcie. Zaduma i religia to najsilniejszy przekaz tegoż zdjęcia.





Thank you to all participants who submitted their works – it was extremely hard to choose. However, that’s actually a good sign! It means that the Irix community brings a lot of talented photographers together.



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