Irix Cine lenses for Nikon Z and Leica L available!

            At Irix, we make sure that our products are a precise response to the needs and expectations of our customers. Also this time, we are up to date and react to all innovations appearing on the film market. Along with the development of the mirrorless segment, to meet the expectations of consumers, we offer you cinematographic lenses with Canon RF, Nikon Z and L-mount mounts, complementing the existing set consisting of Sony E, Canon EF, Arri PL and MFT mounts.

Comfortable work without the need for adapters!

            Irix Cine is a line of cinematographic lenses designed for comfortable and efficient work both on large film sets as well as with small productions and amateur applications. Combining durable, ergonomic design with excellent optical properties, we give you everything that a professional operator and filmmaker who is just starting their business in the industry need – all without the necessity to use any adapters. We are aware of the importance of compact dimensions and that this is one of the key factors in choosing a mirrorless system, which is the future of filmography. Therefore, to meet the expectations of users, we focus on native solutions that will improve and make the use of the equipment more pleasant!

            Like the rest of the Irix Cine lenses, the new mount options exhibit the same excellent optical properties as well as durable and ergonomic construction. At Irix, we care about the highest quality, ensuring comfortable and fast work, both on large film sets and on small productions. The Irix Cine product lineup was made after long consultations with cinematographers from around the world. The reinforced and sealed structure guarantees the safety of filming in difficult weather conditions and also protects the camera sensor against dust and moisture.

            The Irix Cine lenses create a fully compatible set. Thanks to the similar weight and uniform position of the focusing rings and the aperture which is extremely important when using stabilizing systems such as a gimbal or Steadicam.



All Irix Cine products are ready to work in 8K resolution, thus allowing you to take advantage of the latest cinematography technologies. The use of the native mount for mirrorless cameras ensures not only comfort but also work safety, guaranteeing tightness of the connection and rigidity of the entire set, which is crucial when using f.e. automated follow-focus systems. By presenting Irix Cine lenses with an RF, Z and L mount, we are giving you a product that guarantees reliable operation for many years.


Learn more at or check Irix Cine lenses in practice:

Irix Cine 11mm T4 sample footage

Irix Cine 15mm T2.6 sample footage

Irix Cine 45mm T1.5 sample footage

Irix Cine 150mm T3.0 sample footage


Irix Cine lenses are available with Sony E, Canon EF, Mikro 4/3, Arri PL mounts, and now also with Canon RF, Nikon Z and L-mount.

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