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The Irix brand is made of photographers so we know how to make other photographers happy! So like every year, we’d prepared various gift propositions in different price tags. Everyone can find an attractive gift for their loved ones – regardless they take their first steps in photography or are advanced, professional users. It is a perfect opportunity to think about Christmas gifts for your loved ones involved in photography or to complete your bag with high-quality lenses, filters and accessories! Christmas Special Deals will be available from 10th to 24th December 2020.


Irix 45mm f/1.4 Dragonfly (available with Canon, Nikon and Pentax mount) with IFH-100 filter holder and 77mm holder adapter. Price: €715 instead of €799!



Irix 45mm f/1.4 with IFH-100 filter holder and the 77mm adapter is a great deal for every photographer who’s looking for a modern, full-frame (FF) lens with 100mm square filter solution. This extremely universal set will enable you to capture almost everything – no matter if you like street, portrait, travel or landscape photography. Unique 45mm focal length (successfully replacing 35mm-50mm focal lengths) will allow you to develop your passion without any limitations. The fast f/1.4 aperture allows not only effectively separate the photographed subject from the background but also to taking pictures in a low-light environment. Thanks to the combination of an incredibly sharp image rendered by the Irix 45mm f/1.4 lens your landscape photos will shock you with the amount of detail and thanks to the Irix Edge IFH-100 you will be able to use filters in the popular 100mm standard to achieve the right exposure to the light conditions. The unique finish of the lens (Dragonfly) is made to last for years. The lens has a durable, all-metal inner body construction, covered with metal and composite housing that also guarantees excellent ergonomics. The entire lens is fully weather-sealed thanks to a comprehensive sealing system. All these features make you sure that you can work regardless of the conditions in which you are going to photograph.


The handy set of square 100mmfilters: gradual filter, IFH-100 filter holder and a rigid, filter case – in two different versions! You can choose set with a soft gradual filter: Irix Edge 100mm Basic Soft for €186 instead of €219



or with hard gradual filter: Irix Edge 100mm Basic Hard for €195 instead of €229



Irix Edge 100mm Basic Kit sets are an amazing tool for every landscape photographer. Kits include Irix Edge IFH-100 filter holder allowing to mount filters on the lens, multi-purpose Irix Edge Soft GND 16 gradual filter (dedicated to shots with irregular horizon line for example in forest, city or mountains) or Irix Edge Hard GND 4 gradual filter (best for shots with a regular horizon line like plains or by the sea). Both filter and filter holder can be securely stored and transported in a precisely made Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case.  With gradual type filter, you’ll be able to achieve stunning effects. Whenever you see overexposed or underexposed parts of the image, simply cover the brightest part of the image (usually the upper part of the frame) to unify the exposure. You’ll achieve beautiful, rich colors with a lot of details. An important feature of the whole set is an extremely compact and lightweight design so you always want to take it with you. With this set, you’ll be ready for every adventure.

Long exposure set: Irix Edge Full ND 100mm filter (different densities available) with IFH-100 filter holder, Traveller Filter Case, 77mm holder adapter and a set of protectors for your filters. Available densities: ND8, ND32, ND128, ND256, ND1000 for €204 instead of €255 and ND32000 for €212 instead of €265!



Creative set with a 100mm Full-ND filter ready to use right out of the box! Often you can see spectacular pictures with blurred clouds, cars, people or water that make an amazing impression on the audience. That’s motion blur effect made by long exposure time. This type of pictures can be easily achieved with Full-ND filter which precisely cuts of some amount of light thus extends the exposure time. With Irix Christmas Special Offer, you can get not only Irix Edge Full-ND filter but the whole set, ready to use right out the box! Set contains the Irix Edge IFH-100 filter holder (the lightest and most durable holder in its class!), 77mm holder adapter, a Neutral Density filter and a dedicated set of protectors for your filter. All of the Irix Edge filters are made of the highest quality optical glass, covered by the multilayer, anti-reflective coatings so you can be sure that your photographs remain not only perfectly sharp but also will have true and saturated colors. Set contains the most popular, 77mm adapter so you’ll be able to use the set right out the box. All this together can be safely stored and transported in the Irix Edge Traveller Filter Case.


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