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A polarizing filter is one of the basic photographic tools that most of us uses. Choosing a good filter whose properties will help us capture a beautiful picture is crucial, however. Almost any filter will enable you to achieve interesting effects, but only filters of the highest quality will allow you to generate spectacular images.


Irix Ambassador Dimitri Bourriau / Jahz Desing

User experience




I had the opportunity to use the Irix Edge Circular Polarizer filter for the first time while traveling. A polarizing filter is an essential accessory for architecture lovers. I have the 95mm version for my Irix 15mm f / 2.4 Blackstone. He has never left him since. The contrasts are better. It perfectly removes reflections (water, glass …). It darkens the sky perfectly; I like to have a nice blue in my photos. Its construction is solid. It has a very good grip. It perfectly meets my expectations. A reliable and efficient filter.

J’ai eu l’occasion d’utiliser le filtre Polarisant Circulaire Irix Edge pour la première fois lors de mon dernier voyage. Un filtre polarisant est un accessoire indispensable pour les amateurs d’architecture. J’ai la version 95 mm pour mon Irix 15 mm f / 2.5 Blackstone. Il ne le quitte plus. Les contrastes sont meilleurs. Il supprime parfaitement les reflets (eau, verre …). Il assombrit parfaitement le ciel, j’aime avoir un ciel avec un bleu profond. Sa construction est solide. Il a une très bonne adhérence. Il répond parfaitement à mes attentes. Un filtre fiable et efficace.

Sample image by Dimitri Bourriau / Jahz Desing

Sample image by Dimitri Bourriau / Jahz Desing

Irix Edge Circular Polariser
f/8 | 1/50 | iso100

Irix Edge Circular Polariser
f/8 | 1/160 | iso100



Amount of polarization

A good polarizing filter will enable you to cut off unwanted reflections in your pictures, which is especially important when photographing water or metal surfaces. To easily adjust this effect, the filter frame should have a nice resistance and smooth override. Take a look below at photos taken by Irix ambassador Riccardo Mantero. A sapphire sky and turquoise water without any reflections – these are the features that make this photo extraordinary.


Sample image by Ambassador Riccardo Mantero


True colour reproduction

Colours that are visible to the naked eye should be reproduced accurately in the photo. The shift of white balance or green or magenta tint in the entire frame can be disastrous to the image. The Irix ambassador Bleron Caka choose Irix Edge filters because of its perfect colour reproduction which is crucial in his photographs. Look at an amazing play of light with wonderful colours in the picture below. It’s simply breathtaking what you can get with the experienced eye and right equipment.


Sample image by Ambassador Bleron Caka


Retaining excellent sharpness and contrast

We spend a lot of time choosing a lens so that its parameters meet our expectations. Sharpness, contrast and clarity are often important factors in choosing a lens, so the filter you attach to the lens should have the highest quality too.


Sample image by Ambassador Kuba Witos


Filtr Irix Edge Circular Polarizer
Created by photographers for photographers



Did you know that Irix Edge filters go through over 37 rigorous tests during the design phase to ensure perfect performance in the field?

Only after successfully passing these lab tests, we pass the prototypes for further field testing. Field tests are carried out by our #TeamIrix, which are active professional photographers, and also Irix brand Ambassadors, who test them in almost any conditions all around the world.


So you can be sure that you Irix Edge filters are ready for every adventure!


Sample image by Irix Team


Sample image by Ambassador Hicham Hobeika


Sample image by Ambassador Kuba Witos


Sample image by Ambassador Jesse Neervens



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