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Irix is pleased to announce a new promotion for Irix EF and RF Cine Lenses! Starting June 21st, until the 27th of June if you purchase lenses with EF or RF mount, which works with almost any mount, you can also get two MMS filters for 0,1€, our revolutionary filters, that will help your creativity. Ask your dealer for details!


Two Canon mounts
EF – Industry-standard for years, the successor of FD mount. Almost every camera producer has at least one camera with this mount, and it won’t go away for a long time. It can be easily mounted almost on any other system including RF.
RF – It’s a future standard, still only supported by few cameras. Mostly designed with mirrorless in mind.


Choose Irix Cine with EF/RF mount

RF and EF is a very universal system, that will satisfy anyone.
Beginner – Entry-level filmmakers might still choose some Canon DSLR to shoot. Entering into the EF lens system gives them an advantage over cheaper EF-S, by futureproofing their kit.
Semi-pro – Those might be users of Black Magic Pocket or Sony cameras. Often even Sony users pair their bodies with EF since it can be used later on with almost any other mount.
Pro – Most pro cameras like RED come with EF mount and new Komodo with only RF. Using Irix cine lenses gives them freedom from rentals and an amazing quality lens that will suit any project.


Why invest in the Irix set?
Irix set is unique in many ways, thanks to small things, that make it stand out. Starting from beautiful design, which was awarded in the past by Red Dot to weather sealing. So where ever your story might take you, you can be sure the Irix lens will survive.


MMS filters

Trying to make life easier we came up with a revolutionary way of attaching filters. Our MMS allows adding a new filter in a few seconds. Thanks to that a filmmaker on set can quickly slap on for example another ND filter if the sun decides to pop out from clouds.



Firm and securer magnetic mount
Thanks to the design dedicated to Irix Cine lenses, the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) series filters perfectly adhere to the lens, creating a safe and secure connection ready for every action.

Combine them easily!
Do you need to use a neutral density and polarizer filter together? Sure, why not! MMS filter design enables you to stack filters easily. You will see for yourself how quickly you will get used to the convenience and speed of the Irix Edge MMS filters!


Celebrate EF and RF mount with us
Because Irix is so excited about this week’s promotion, we are also launching a special competition! We know how much everyone loves their rig. Always getting extra parts, expanding it, or shrinking. For movies, or run and gun situations. We want to see what you are working with! So we are launching on our Facebook page a competition, if you post picture of your set up, with EF or RF lens, you will have a chance to win 200€ to a camera store in your country on irix products.



Change the way you film with Irix
If you purchase two of our amazing Cine lenses with EF or RF mount between June 21st and 27th, you will also receive two MMS filters for 0,1€!


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