Official position of Irix Team – Part II


Dear Irix Customers,

Referring to the latest information about the Irix and Samyang brands. Another unclarity which appears occasionally on the internet is the relationship between Samyang and the person of Hubert Adamczyk.

Irix is a 100% independent company and unconnected in any way with Samyang.

Let’s go back to 2008. Photokina 2008. A young Polish distributor of photography equipment meets an unknown manufacturer of lenses on a tiny standard booth. It’s Samyang Optics. The Polish company starts to distribute their lenses, but what is surprising for the manufacturer, not as another OEM brand, but under the original name – Samyang, seeing a potential in promoting this brand. Sales grow rapidly hitting records every quarter. The Polish company goes from local distributor to European distributor and becomes Samyang Europe. Through mutual cooperation, partnerships are getting tighter. Both sides are involved in new developments and product optimisation. The Polish distributor extends its sales network to the Middle East. Samyang becomes a stable, healthy and profitable company and attracts the attention of one of the leading investment funds in Korea. In 2013 Samyang gets a new owner. New owner, new management, new structures, new rules. The trust and partnership built for many years vanishes rapidly.

2014 brings the end of the cooperation. A rather cold goodbye.

Some months later, Irix was born. An initiative of people devoted to photography and image creation, where the artist comes first, where continuous improvement of a lens is a pleasant and fun job – a way of life. A place where we can proudly say “Designed by Photographers”. We created a space 100% independent from other companies and we are purely unrelated to any external company or stock exchange investors.

I hope this story explains why my name can be found in the Delta Company in Poland – where it all started nearly 20 years ago, this is a reason why for many people I am known as a person related to Samyang and I am proud I was a part of the creation of one of my competitors right now, this is also a reason why my name can be found as a CEO of the TH Swiss company – owner of the Irix brand. It has been my evolution in the photography world.

Thank you.
CEO of Irix
Hubert Adamczyk




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