Irix Matte Box IQ – The new filmmaking accessory


The Irix Matte Box IQ was created for filmmakers and video creators who aim for the best possible results in their shots. It allows the Irix magnetic MMS filters to be used with virtually any lens, letting the creators enjoy their creative freedom and tool selection flexibility. The Matte Box IQ is also a remarkably useful tool that helps you keep the optimal contrast and high-quality footage by
eliminating unwanted reflections and lens flares. It will prove most useful while filming in difficult lighting conditions or spaces with high light intensity. Irix Matte Box IQ is an important tool for filmmakers who strive for visual perfection and constantly search for new creative possibilities at a higher quality level.


Key features:

  • Ultra-lightweight construction – 195 grams

  • Adjustable carbon fiber shading hood

  • Irix MMS (Magnetic Mount System) filter attachment

  • Additional 52 to 86 mm thread adapters available

  • Reflection-reducing matt finish



Diameter flexibility in the Irix Matte Box

Irix Matte Box IQ is natively mounted directly onto the housing of any industry-standard cine lens with a 95 mm front diameter. Additional 52 to 86 mm thread adapters are available separately to be used with virtually any lens. Regardless of whether you use wide-angle or telephoto lenses, the Irix Matte Box will help you capture that perfect shot you’ve planned for so long.


Wide, wider, widest

If you like your shots ultra-wide, you’ll be pleased to know that Matte Box IQ can be used on all your favorite lenses with a focal length of 15 mm and above, even on full-frame cameras. It’s a perfect solution for those who want to take full creative control over their wide-angle footage.


Availability and pricing Irix Matte Box IQ is already available and the retail price is set at €75. Learn more about the product on the official Irix website.


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