Joey Lever shares why Blackmagic cameras and Irix Cine lenses pairing creates his ideal set-up!

My name is Joey Lever, and I am the founder of Another World Media and Imoria Pictures. At Another World Media, we specialize in helping brands tell their stories through compelling video production. Imoria Pictures is dedicated to creating films that transcend ordinary reality. My journey in filmmaking has taken me around the world, capturing amazing people and ephemeral moments through my lens. From the start, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras have been an integral part of my toolkit, significantly shaping my visual narrative and style. These cameras have been at the core of my most popular projects, including a YouTube film that has amassed over 70 million views.

My Journey with Blackmagic & IRIX:

It all started with the Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera, a tool that transformed my filming process with its film-like dynamic range and robust digital format. As my storytelling evolved, so did my need for versatile, high-quality lenses. This is where Irix came into play. The clarity and precision of Irix lenses, such as the Irix 15mm f/2.4, have allowed me to capture stunning landscapes and intimate portraits with exceptional sharpness and control. Together, Blackmagic and Irix create my ideal setup!

My Favorite Projects with the Blackmagic and Irix Combo:

NHS Walkthrough Guide

Recently, I collaborated with the NHS to create a walkthrough guide for local hospitals. The NHS required a bright, clean look with professional quality, which I achieved using my Irix lenses coupled with Blackmagic’s 6K resolution capability. This setup ensured each frame was not only beautiful but also richly detailed, streamlining both production and post-production processes.

A Day at Hever castle

The Blackmagic and Irix combo excels not just in planned and extensive film projects but is also perfect for spur-of-the-moment shoots that require quick setup without sacrificing quality. A prime example of this was when I used this combination to film a Tudor walkthrough guide at Hever Castle, UK. This project was naturally lit and demanded equipment that could adapt quickly to changing lighting conditions and setups. The dynamic range of Blackmagic coupled with the sharpness of the Irix lenses allowed us to capture the historical essence of the castle beautifully, proving that this combo can handle any project big or small with ease.

Irix 45mm Review

In this review we put the 45mm IRIX lens to the test in a beautiful christmas market with a great local model. The cinematic bokeh effect of the Irix lenses beautifully complements the film-like quality of Blackmagic cameras. This combination adds a level of depth and allure to the visuals, which is challenging to achieve with other equipment.

Future Projects:

Looking ahead, I’m thrilled about future films, especially “LILLY,” which will be shot entirely in a 2050s nighttime setting. The dynamic range of Blackmagic cameras, paired with the light intake capacity of Irix’s wide apertures, offers unmatched flexibility in night filming conditions.

Supercar Comedy Ad

The reliability and build quality of both Irix and Blackmagic are crucial for shooting in unpredictable environments. This was exemplified in a recent test ad I produced, where these tools allowed me to focus on my creative vision without concern for the durability of my equipment.

As I continue to explore Irix Cine and Blackmagic potent combination, I look forward to discovering new horizons in visual storytelling using this fantastic equipment!

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